Applications and Use Cases

Creators are optimistic about Diamond, a decentralized Twitter alternative, as the monthly user count hit the 130,000 mark. - 12/1/2022

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade will be in full swing in a web3 virtual world this holiday season with an interactive metaverse experience and a brand new feature. - 11/23/2022

Web 3.0, metaverse and DeFi technologies reshaped the future of financial services and fueled what could be a trillion-dollar market opportunity, according to Everest Group. - 11/16/2022

The metaverse commerce adoption effects are felt among retailers because many are not adequately prepared for this next evolution of the digital customer joourney. - 11/15/2022

Protocol Labs and Filecoin Foundation, with other founding members, launched the Decentralized Storage Alliance. - 11/9/2022

The Visa Masters of Movement experience will enable fans of the world's sport to learn about emerging technologies. - 11/7/2022

While some predict the demise of cryptocurrency, it''''''''s true value is only emerging as a true utility that will drive new applications in many markets. - 11/2/2022

The Metaverse Music Festival returns with at least 100 confirmed artists, including Ozzy Osbourne, across uniquely curated community genre stages. - 10/27/2022

Prospect Sports is putting a stock market spin in NFTs by using real performance to determine the changing value of digital sports collectibles. - 10/24/2022

The DeSo blockchain will bring Bitcoin's pseudonymity and censorship-resistance to messaging apps. - 10/19/2022

Coinbase selected Google Cloud as a strategic cloud provider to build advanced Web3 exchange and data services and enable crypto payments. - 10/18/2022

KnownOrigin partnered with ClubNFT to allow KnownOrigin users to download a backup of their NFTs to their computer. - 9/22/2022

Blockchain development company HashCash put forward a blockchain model proposition that will utilize decentralized data for precise demand forecasting. - 9/12/2022

Authentic Vision released its Meta Anchor technology into the U.S. market. - 8/31/2022

Through a partnership with Polygon, Meta0 will provide game developers with the advantages of the Polygon platform. - 8/29/2022

Of all the verticals ripe-and-ready for the application of blockchain technology, real estate may hold the most immediate promise. - 8/5/2022

Silvio Frank Pupo discussed the need for interagency and inter-municipal cooperating to set standards for blockchain adoption at The Blockchain Event. - 8/5/2022

Blockchain, usually associated with cryptocurrency and NFTs, is making an impact on transforming business across multiple industries, including the art and healthcare industries. - 6/22/2022

From capital markets, real estate, and cryptocurrency to supply chain, digital ID security, government, cannabis, and healthcare, blockchain adoption is skyrocketing. Despite many misconceptions regarding its utility, distributed ledger technology (DLT) is already mainstream. - 6/21/2022

Metatheory, a blockchain-based gaming and virtual world company led by Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin, has received $24 million in a Series A funding round. The company is dedicated to building Web3 games and virtual worlds that include NFTs and other real-world value adds. - 5/26/2022

DeSo surpassed 67.5 million transactions since its inception as it leads the decentralized social media movement. - 5/17/2022

Apple seems determined to limit the penetration of NFTs on the App Store in an effort to protect users against fraud. - 4/18/2022

As Ronin Network, the blockchain behind the popular MMO Axie Infinity, scaled to accommodate its more than eight million players, the network was left vulnerable to one of the largest cryptocurrency hacks to date. - 4/7/2022

Nokia and Equideum Health have teamed up on a blockchain-based marketplace where patients can securely sell their data for research use by pharmaceutical and life sciences companies. - 4/6/2022

Some of the latest blockchain-related tech innovations being developed for the market include things like NFT-capable smart TVs, home appliances and even medical devices. It makes sense that LG would stake a claim in this space. - 4/1/2022

The Blockchain Association, a trade association headquartered in Washington, DC, recently announced that it is expanding with the addition of an office in Albany, New York. - 3/24/2022

MetaBlaze, a utility token developer, is attempting to become a unique player in the blockchain gaming space. The company recently announced the MetaRoyal NFT collection, which allows users to purchase characters NFT that produce passive income on exchanges, as well as lifetime access to MetaBlaze's… - 3/23/2022

LimeWire selected Algorand blockchain to support the company's digital collectable marketplace, which is relaunching in May of this year. - 3/17/2022

Stardust and Tilting Point have partnered, combining the ability to easily integrate NFTs into games with a successful game publishing and monetization model. - 3/17/2022

I recently caught up with Michael Wagner, CFA, CEO of Star Atlas, who clarified a few false narratives around blockchain, NTFs, and the metaverse. - 3/16/2022

State Street Digital, the digital division of financial services company State Street Corporation, announced a new licensing agreement with London-based digital asset custody and trading solution company, - 3/15/2022

DeFi wallet company KryptoGO and NFT community Demiverse partnered to launch the first-ever redeemable Lucky Bag NFT campaign, offering participants a random assortment of real-world prizes redeemable through NFT trading and QR scanning. - 3/10/2022

Researchers from Stanford University have created the Espresso layer-one blockchain and company Espresso systems. The new blockchain prioritizes high throughput, low gas fees, user privacy, scalability and decentralization. - 3/9/2022

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are playing a vital role in Ukraine's defense against the Russian invasion. The country has received more than $56 million in crypto donations to help acquire food and supplies for its military and civilians. - 3/9/2022

Within the Metaverse, some platforms focus solely on the user's ability to own and take care of a digital pet. - 3/8/2022

To assist with its intensive supply chain demands, SAIC-GM-Wuling has started using a digital ledger instead of manual handovers of parts, eliminating the possibility of human error and improving efficiency. - 3/4/2022

MLS franchise D.C. United announced a three year deal with blockchain technology company, XDC Network. As part of this new relationship, XDC will support a new 'Fan Token' program, while D.C. United offers visibility to increase brand awareness for XDC. - 2/24/2022

Online questionnaire company AnonSurvey recently announced the availability of a new blockchain e-voting application. AnonSurvey customers can now utilize this app to create secure surveys with tokenized responses. - 2/18/2022

Unifriends (, the new 3D NFT, player-first gaming ecosystem featuring 10,000 unique generative unicorns with 170 varying traits, today announced both its whitelist and public mint Airdrops. - 2/18/2022

Intel has launched a new blockchain accelerator chip with a focus on energy efficiency and scalability. The new chip is designed for applications like Bitcoin mining and NFTs and its first customers include Jack Dorsey's Block Inc. - 2/17/2022

In the era of COVID-19, virtual ceremonies are becoming more of a reality. Whether it's virtual visiting hours for funerals, or virtual baby showers and engagement parties, more of us have digitally "checked in" to social engagements. What's the next step? Blockchain-based weddings. - 2/10/2022

Blockchain network Polygon has received a $450 investment from venture capital firm Sequoia Capital. Polygon acts as a support layer to Ethereum's blockchain, using proof-of-stake validation to process thousands of transactions per second. - 2/10/2022

When it comes to digital technology, there's few areas where Google isn't involved. Google is notable in many areas, starting with its search engine, and expanding into a wide number of fields including cloud computing, communications, analytics, gaming, security, and beyond. Considering how many di… - 2/8/2022

Hacking is on the rise these days. With more people than ever before utilizing digital mediums to work and interact, cybercriminals have wasted no time to exploit organizations and individuals with viruses, ransomware, and social engineering. Despite many successful campaigns over the last two years… - 2/4/2022

The Chinese government has chosen 164 cities, provinces and entities as part of a major blockchain application trial program. The country plans to give full play to blockchain for data sharing, optimizing business processes and reducing costs. - 2/1/2022

It's still up in the air as to whether or not non-fungible tokens will maintain appeal in the future, but there's no doubt some industries are attempting to capitalize during this period of growing popularity. - 1/28/2022

After months of anticipation, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved the first ever blockchain-based securities exchange developed by BSTX, a joint venture between tZero and Boston Options Exchange (BOX) Digital Markets. - 1/28/2022

Google has created a new blockchain unit which will also focus on next-gen distributed computing and data storage technologies. The company has been steadily embracing cryptocurrencies and plans to evolve along with user and merchant demand for crypto. - 1/26/2022

While many industries are in the process of digital transformation projects to improve workflow and customer support, the finance services and financial technology ("fintech") industry is attracting praise for leading the way. In fact, those who adapted to digitalization early are already reaping th… - 1/21/2022

As more blockchains come to market, assessing their differences and advantages can seem confusing. By evaluating a number of variables, investors, users and developers can determine which blockchain is the best fit for them. - 1/20/2022



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