Applications and Use Cases

Leaders at investment bank Goldman Sachs have a lot to say about the Metaverse, and believe one particular technology will be the key to its development. Blockchain will be at the center of the Metaverse, as it will be the technology that allows to safely own assets and transfer them between virtual… - 12/23/2021

Distributed ledgers for recording transactions and tracking items have been effectively utilized in cryptocurrency and non-fungible token (NFT) markets, but it also has promising applications in healthcare. - 12/20/2021

A look at some of the health and shopping trends as we reach the end of another year, from tech shortages to healthcare on blockchain. - 12/20/2021

Gala Games and C² Ventures have joined to create a $100 million fund to support the development of blockchain-based video games and related applications. - 12/16/2021

After experiencing a number of high profile government corruption scandals, Puetro Rican officials are working with blockchain experts to devise new anti-corruption solutions. - 12/13/2021

According to a recent article from Verge, global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter recently revealed plans to develop an open-source protocol, which will be used to create a decentralized version of Kickstarter's original business model. - 12/9/2021

This week, two companies --, Inc. and Openware, Inc. -- announced the finalization of a merger process expected to create a global settlement network for their customers. The two companies will operate under the new name of Yellow Group. - 12/9/2021

Blockchain has been growing exponentially and cross-blockchain asset transfers already take place. The industry needs to evolve by developing standards for interoperable asset transfers. This will make blockchain use easier for users and help the technology live up to its true potential. - 12/9/2021

Consensus Cloud Solutions recently launched jSign, a document signing solution designed to offer secure file sharing with the support of blockchain technology. - 12/6/2021

TMC today announced Blockchain of Things, Inc. has signed on as a Gold sponsor for The Blockchain Event, part of the #TECHSUPERSHOW, being held February 8-11, 2022 at the Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Since we have moved beyond the hype cycle o… - 12/6/2021

How can blockchain technology improve farming? Penn State Extension, the College of Agricultural Sciences, and Smeal College of Business are conducting a survey to find out. The academic consortium recently announced that it is asking Pennsylvania produce farmers to take a survey regarding blockchai… - 11/19/2021

2021 has been a year of major growth in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, with Bitcoin and Ethereum leading the surge. According to founder Peter Smith, 2022 will bring increased competition to the industry, which will ultimately level the playing field. - 11/19/2021

CoinAnalyst Corp., which provides an artificial intelligence-based big data analytics platform for digital assets, has announced it has entered a strategic partnership with - 11/15/2021

IPC has announced the release of Connexus Crypto, offering crypto investors the ability to capitalize on rare market opportunities with the support of low-latency cloud resources. - 11/9/2021

Newly elected NYC Mayor Eric Adams is attempting to add blockchain/crypto education to public schools throughout the city. - 11/9/2021

Taiwanese startup Aegis Custody is helping investors diversify portfolios through the use of asset conversion and NFTs. - 11/4/2021

Bahamas-based crypto exchange FTX has raised more than $420 million in a new Series B-1 Funding round. The activity makes the company's 29-year-old founder, Sam Bankman-Fried, the richest person in crypto. - 11/1/2021

Stratis has announced it has completed the transition to the new STRAX token, after investors voted last year to make a number of improvements to the Stratis platform. - 10/29/2021

TMC today announced the conference program for The Blockchain Event, part of the #TECHSUPERSHOW, being held February 8-11, 2022 at the Greater Fort Lauderdale/ Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Now that we have moved way beyond the hype cycle of enterprise blockchain, The… - 10/29/2021

Blockchain solution company Ant Group has revealed its AntChain offering can now be utilized for confidential computing. - 10/29/2021

In mid-October, PC game store Valve announced that it would ban games that use blockchain technology or let users exchange NFTs or cryptocurrencies. In its updated rules section, the company noted that among things that shouldn't be published on Steam includes applications built on blockchain techno… - 10/21/2021

Polygon and DraftKings have formed a new strategic partnership to help support NFT transactions within the DraftKings marketplace. - 10/20/2021

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are digital certificates of authentication that carry information about the owner or creator and can enable creators to generate revenue when NFTs are sold. - 10/18/2021

Blockchain gaming is one of the hottest trends in cryptocurrency today. Players are not only able to immerse into games using token economies but also cash out on their skills and wins. Most of the companies leading this new gaming trend using nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and authenticate the digital i… - 10/18/2021

Digital asset platform provider Ankr has joined the Sacramento Kings in a new advertising agreement that will both expand Ankr's brand recognition, as well as bring mainstream attention to blockchain technology as a whole. - 10/15/2021

Michael Dell believes blockchain technology is probably underrated, although he wouldn't comment on his views on bitcoin. Dell has named blockchain as a potential revenue driver for the company, along with AI-driven biotech. - 10/14/2021

China's massive BSN blockchain project was built to provide affordable access to various blockchain technologies both internally within China and as an extension to foreign governments. BSN was founded by the Chinese government's State Information Center (SIC) along with Red Date, China Mobile and C… - 10/12/2021

Why California Regulators Should Consider Blockchain for Cannabis Tracing - 10/11/2021

The Crypto Commoners movement believes blockchain has the potential to transform a highly competitive society into a more equitable, cooperative one. The left-leaning activist group highlights the major potential for blockchain to have a wide-scale global impact. - 10/6/2021

A number of U.S. cities are researching the use of blockchain for everything from traffic management to improving verification, validation and auditing processes. Cities are moving forward slowly and cautiously as they learn more about the technology and its potential. - 10/6/2021

EMURGO, a blockchain technology company servicing developers, businesses & governments and one of the founding entities of Cardano, a public blockchain platform, has now announced a $100M investment to accelerate the development of the Cardano Ecosystem. - 10/1/2021

The EU has announced investments in blockchain, AI and data infrastructure as part of a multi-billion-euro plan to develop the technologies and improve transparency and accountability among its member states. - 10/1/2021

A new report from INATBA looks at the social impact of blockchain and its role in meeting the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. The group will also work on development of a social impact framework to address challenges around standardization and interoperability of blockchain projects. - 9/22/2021

The internet is steadily moving toward a decentralized metaverse model where users and devices control and own data. Blockchain has a vital role to play as the backbone of this decentralized metaverse, along with the growing popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). - 9/22/2021

SkyBridge Capital, the hedge fund founded by former Trump advisor Anthony Scaramucci, recently announced that it plans to enter a partnership that will allow it to embrace blockchain technology. Using a fund that will be known as UNLOX, the group will focus on a variety of decentralized finance effo… - 9/17/2021

DeFi app Zabu, which resides on the Avalanche blockchain, was exploited in a hack worth $3.2 million. The incident highlights the growing prevalence of DeFi scams and hacks, which are becoming one of the most common types of hacks. - 9/14/2021

BlackRock, the largest global investment and asset manager, has joined Axoni's distributed ledger platform to aid in matching and reconciling post-trade data on stock swaps. The firm joins Citigroup and Goldman Sachs Group on the Veris blockchain platform. - 9/9/2021

Heritage Global Partners has formed a new relationship with ViciNFT to support the growing demand for non-fungible token management services. - 9/2/2021

VeChain has developed new SaaS solutions to help enterprise-level organizations better understand levels of air pollution. - 9/1/2021

Video Game development company Electronic Arts appears to have plans for Blockchain and NFTs after posting multiple job openings related to both fields. - 8/31/2021

XREX, a blockchain startup from Taiwan, has raised $17 million in funding. The money will be used to build out the company's crypto-fiat exchange platform, apply for new financial licenses and expand security and compliance features. - 8/25/2021

South Korean Internet Company Kakao is reportedly pushing forward with global expansion plans and has recently said it plans to move into the Singapore region next with its blockchain platform, Klaytn. - 8/20/2021

Due to the exponential rise in online crime, tech giants like Microsoft are devising new strategies to combat hackers from stealing private digital property. - 8/19/2021

While many companies are developing blockchain technology for the next several decades, many individuals and companies are shut out because of the costs involved in developing new technologies. Launchpool Labs is attempting to even the playing field a bit by making access to resources easier for sma… - 8/19/2021

A new art installation using blockchain technology will soon be released, highlighting the relationship between digital technology and the physical world. - 8/16/2021

The $1.2 infrastructure bill passed by the U.S Senate this week contains vague language regarding the regulation of cryptocurrency and blockchain. How the bill gets amended in the House, if at all, could have long-standing ramifications for certain type of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. - 8/11/2021

Kahuna will be launching the first ever decentralized social media platform later this year, offering content creators a unique way to monetize their content and interact with fans using blockchain technology. - 8/9/2021

China may be as much as six years ahead of the U.S. in blockchain development, according to the founder of a leading cryptocurrency hedge fund. The central government's involvement in the digital yuan and Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN) have catapulted China ahead of the U.S. and other countr… - 8/5/2021

One of Europe's largest insurance providers, Allianz, is utilizing blockchain technology to help make cross-country claims easier and faster to process. - 7/29/2021

Amazon has caused a stir in the blockchain space with the announcement of a job listing for a digital currency and blockchain product lead. Reports that the company was aiming to accept Bitcoin by the end of the year and develop its own digital token next year were later refuted by the company. - 7/28/2021



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