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GPT-Based Service for Web3 Developers: More Accurate Smart Contracts via DeCipher

July 10, 2023

In the world of Web3, smart contracts have become quite crucial for today’s blockchain ecosystem. The long-story-short of smart contracts is that they enable users to interact online via the blockchain (and the many dapps in the Web3 realm). Additionally, smart contracts set the conditions for decentralized transactions without having to rely on a centralized third-party authority for verification.

In other words? Smart contracts govern the rules of any Web3 agreement, which are important for aspiring blockchain developers and current Web3 users navigating the massive crypto realm. Applicable use cases for smart contracts include decentralized financial services (i.e. particularly in DeFi protocols) and for legal, tokenization and decentralized metaverse and gaming applications.

Enter Singapore-based tech company Bunzz. Given how Bunzz helps customers find, deploy and manage smart contracts more easily amidst current smart ecosystems, it makes sense that the company would announce a new tool like its “DeCipher,” which will launch later this month.

DeCipher is an AI-powered tool that Bunzz has designed to “overhaul and transform the process of accurate smart contract documentation generation, as well as editing and deployment capabilities” therein. (Accuracy, here, being key.)

Redefining the landscape of blockchain development is no one-lift-and-it’s-done type of task, yet Bunzz has worked to keep it as simple as possible. By leveraging advanced AI models (e.g. GPT-4), DeCipher allows developers to generate documentation with ease by just copying and pasting the contract’s URL. Already, prospective users have described it as “a game-changing solution for modifying, cloning and reusing existing contracts” with that astonishing level of accuracy. And with more than 8,500 deployed contracts, Bunzz is confident in DeCipher’s potential.

DeCipher’s advantages also include how it:

  • Enables code editing and deployment via CLI
  • Can be conveniently accessed through the Bunzz Chrome Extension
  • Ensures developers can modify contracts after they’ve been analyzed
  • Allows for (via the Bunzz VS Code Extension) deployment to all EVM-compatible blockchains, solution comprehensivity-wise

Free waitlist registration for DeCipher has already begun, for those interested.

Edited by Greg Tavarez

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