Applications & Use Cases

Of all the verticals ripe-and-ready for the application of blockchain technology, real estate may hold the most immediate promise. - 8/5/2022

Silvio Frank Pupo discussed the need for interagency and inter-municipal cooperating to set standards for blockchain adoption at The Blockchain Event. - 8/5/2022



Of nearly 200 popular IOS and Android cryptocurrency wallet and exchange apps showed nearly 65% failed to meet basic privacy and security standards. - 7/6/2022

Hedgehog announced it made two new tokens representing indirect investments in real-world assets. - 5/24/2022

SK Square, the investment arm of South Korea's SK Group, will spend $1.6 billion on semiconductors and blockchain over the next three years. The group plans to launch its own crypto token as part of a new blockchain system across the Ifland metaverse as well. - 3/30/2022

Enterprise Video Central to TokBox Acquisition
Vonage announced the acquisition of TokBox. The $35 million all-cash transaction delivers Vonage a San Francisco-based company wooing with its WebRTC programmable video. - 08/01/2018

How Real-Time Communications Have Improved Online Gaming
1991. This was the year Tim Berners Lee invented something he called the internet. He was able to write what he called HTML code, and, in the early days when he had to sell it to people, he said it was like lots of Microsoft Word documents all stitch… - 07/17/2018




Social media is impacting the value of your cryptocurrency. This cross-platform audit will show how to improve consumer and influencer sentiment.