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Ducati Leverages Web3Pro's Expertise for Engaging Digital Collectibles

August 04, 2023

When most hear “Ducati,” they instantly think of high-performance, stylish motorcycles. For good reason, too. Ducati motorcycles are renowned for their distinctive design, innovative engineering and impressive performance. One of the defining features of many Ducati bikes is their L-twin engine configuration, where the cylinders are arranged in a V shape, giving the engine a unique appearance and a characteristic sound.

Over the years, Ducati (founded in Bologna, Italy) has achieved significant success in motorcycle racing, particularly in the Superbike World Championship and MotoGP. Their racing pedigree has helped enhance their brand image and contributed to the development of their production motorcycles.

Ducati is also committed to digital innovation. Ducati has been a pioneer in embracing new technologies to engage, entertain and nurture the passion of the large community of its fans around the world. One example of Ducati's first digital era is the sale of the first motorcycle online Jan. 1, 2000. There is also the creation of a blog dedicated to an exchange of views between Ducatisti and the company's top management (Desmoblog) or chats with Ducati Corse riders.

Recently, Ducati dove into the Web3 world.

Web3 Pro, a SaaS company specializing in community-as-a-service and blockchain solutions, unveiled Ducati's digital collectible program that has a focus on community engagement. This initiative, powered by Web3 Pro's Hub platform, creates a unique experience for enthusiasts while narrating Ducati's past, present and future.

The program offers motorcyclists, racing enthusiasts and technology lovers an opportunity to connect with the brand and immerse themselves in the Ducati community. Presented on the XRP Ledger, an open-source, energy-efficient and decentralized layer-1 blockchain driven by a global developer community, the digital collectibles showcase the story of the Ducati brand, captivating fans with its rich history and promising future.

Ducati's initial digital collectible featured a captivating video-sequence showcasing the evolution of the brand's logos adorning the tanks of motorcycles produced in Borgo Panigale since 1946. As a gesture of appreciation to its fans, this first release, which was July 26, enabled enthusiasts to always carry a symbol of their passion with them while embarking on this journey into the Web3 world.

The entry into the Web3 world represents the natural evolution of Ducati's digital strategy toward an experience that, while maintaining the pleasure of riding a motorcycle and sharing one's passion with other members of the community at the center, takes advantage of new products and services created in collaboration with Web3 Pro to build on and engage with the Ducatisti.

Although the first free digital collectible passed, those who register will still be able to participate in the releases of the following limited edition Ducati digital collectibles.

Edited by Alex Passett

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