Pepe CPT harnesses advanced AI algorithms and generative capabilities to analyze market drivers, uncovers hidden opportunities and surpasses human analysis for profitable trading in the crypto realm. - 6/14/2023

KuCoin conducted an extensive study to gain insights into the perspectives and aspirations of different generations, regarding the integration of AI and the efficiency of blockchain technology. - 6/1/2023

Financial advisers remain engaged in crypto markets with 90% receiving inbound questions from clients about the space, according to a Bitwise and VettaFi survey. - 1/31/2023

The Just.Cash cryptocurrency program is certified by Digital Network Solutions to allow IADs to offer redemption of Bitcoin for cash as well as sell Bitcoin, by using debit on their ATMs. - 1/24/2023

Moby, powered by MobileCoin, allows customers to take advantage of a simpler way to self-custody funds and pay privately. - 1/18/2023

Confidential computing provides an additional layer of security for data being processed in hot wallets. It involves the use of hardware and software technologies to create a secure execution environment where sensitive data can be processed without being exposed to the rest of the system. - 1/12/2023

The Nufinetes wallet app for blockchain-based assets, through an update, allows iOS, Android and desktop users to engage with NFTs directly within the app. - 1/11/2023

Airswift offers crypto payment solutions as a way to deliver a seamless payment experience. - 12/2/2022

Ping received $15M in seed funding to help bring its platform to the next level and enable fast, secure payments for gig and freelance workers. - 11/14/2022

New research from Trulioo found that 66% of crypto users are more tolerant of identity verification than they were three years ago. - 11/11/2022

Mastercard launched Crypto Secure, a technology solution designed to bring additional security and trust to the digital ecosystem. - 10/11/2022

UNest launched UNest Crypto to become an all-in-one financial solution for parents and kids to offer digital assets. - 9/27/2022

Bitcoinblack members will receive exclusive access to the member-to-member money transfer service. - 9/9/2022

Of nearly 200 popular IOS and Android cryptocurrency wallet and exchange apps showed nearly 65% failed to meet basic privacy and security standards. - 7/6/2022

Hedgehog announced it made two new tokens representing indirect investments in real-world assets. - 5/24/2022

SK Square, the investment arm of South Korea's SK Group, will spend $1.6 billion on semiconductors and blockchain over the next three years. The group plans to launch its own crypto token as part of a new blockchain system across the Ifland metaverse as well. - 3/30/2022

While we often discuss the benefits, such as decentralization and heightened security, we often forget blockchain technology requires huge amounts of power. - 2/25/2022

Although many government leaders are working to heavily restrict or outright ban crypto and blockchain related tech, such as China and Russia, United Arab Emirates leaders seem to be openly embracing this new frontier. - 1/11/2022

Investing in eco-friendly business practices is becoming a widespread practice across all areas of businesses, but the crypto-finance sector really seems to be leading the charge. - 1/10/2022

The territory of Gibraltar is generating attention in the crypto world, after blockchain firm Valereum announced a bid to purchase the Gibraltar Stock Exchange, with bigger plans to make Gibraltar a destination for crypto investing. - 12/29/2021

Nansen, a blockchain analytics platform provider based in Singapore, revealed it raised $75 million in new investments after completing a Series B funding round. - 12/23/2021

Nansen, a blockchain analytics platform provider based in Singapore, revealed it raised $75 million in new investments after completing a Series B funding round. - 12/22/2021

HSBC and Wells Fargo will both utilize a distributed ledger technolgoy to support and speed up processes for foreign exchange trades. - 12/15/2021

Venture Capital firm Digital Currency Group recently agreed to move its operations to Stamford, Connecticut, after receiving $5 million in state support to create new job opportunities. - 12/2/2021

Bitcoin self-mining company GRIID Infrastructure revealed a new partnership extension with - 11/26/2021

If the juicy burgers and piping hot fries weren't enough to get you in line at the Burger King drive thru lately then perhaps the latest campaign launched by the fast food chain will do the trick. - 11/5/2021

China has announced it will roll out a national blockchain standard next year. The country is aiming to boost blockchain innovation and applications, and has placed blockchain technology on the same level of importance as AI, big data and cloud computing. - 11/5/2021

Saudi Arabia's Central Bank is considering using blockchain technology for the country's finance sector, but has stated it has no intentions of phasing out physical cash. - 10/29/2021

Nigeria has announced it will be launching a pilot program for the country's first ever digital currency, eNaira. - 10/29/2021

The blockchain community is moving forward with a unique project that could redefine the world of real estate. Crypto Island, a new business idea that will allow crypto investors to purchase ownership to a decentralized private island, has officially become incorporated. - 10/27/2021

Blockchain, NFTs,Cryptocurrencies...what are these things? Consumers with a limited understanding of this emerging technology should familiarize themselves with the basic definitions of common blockchain-based terms. - 10/11/2021

MoneyGram and Stellar Development Foundation are teaming up to offer crypto customers a new resource for converting digital assets into fiat currency. - 10/7/2021

Spirit Blockchain Capital has announced it will be adding more educational content for investors to learn more about Blockchain-based technology. - 9/27/2021

Vee Finance, a decentralized finance platform for crypto enthusiasts, has revealed it has lost $35 million in crypto assets after recognizing an exploit within the program. - 9/24/2021

Blockdaemon has finished a Series B funding round with $155 million from investors, which will be used to fuel its strategic growth plans and technological development. - 9/24/2021, a pioneering crypto financial services company that was founded in 2012, recently exceeded $1 trillion in crypto transactions. - 9/21/2021

e-Money and Algorand have announced an integration that will support the growing popularity of stablecoin usage across European countries. - 9/14/2021

South American country El Salvador became the first country to officially adopt cryptocurrencies as legal tender, but has encountered a number of technical problems since launching at the start of this month. - 9/7/2021

CYBAVO's latest investment will help with the company's global expansion and product development. - 8/24/2021

An anonymous hacker pulled off one of the biggest crypto heists ever recorded, but why was the money returned? - 8/13/2021

Jenny Johnson, CEO of Franklin Templeton, comments on how blockchain technology will be disruptive to investment firms in the near future. - 7/21/2021

Long Blockchain Corp, formerly known as Long Island Iced Tea Corp, has been under investigation by the SEC due to claims that company executives have exploited blockchain's rising popularity for insider trading. - 7/16/2021

CoinZoom and Railsbank recently announced a strategic partnership to bring Visa cards with crypto capabilities to European customers. - 5/25/2021

The new Britcoin central bank-backed digital currency being considered by the British Treasury and the Bank of England would cement blockchain's role in the world of global finance. - 4/22/2021

Another step toward legitimizing cryptocurrencies has been made. Private security firm Tangent Group International has announced that the company will now accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, making the company the first in the entire nation to allow crypto as a form of payment. - 4/15/2021

Visa announced that it is piloting the capability with, a Visa partner and one of the world's largest crypto platforms, and plans to offer the USDC settlement capability to additional partners later this year. Visa's standard settlement process requires partners to settle in a traditional… - 3/31/2021

The Mynt Paycard will enable customers to store and spend cryptocurrencies on a single piece of hardware. - 3/15/2021

New blockchain-related job postings at JP Morgan point out the company's seriousness about the technology. - 3/8/2021

Argo and ePIC have signed a new deal that would allow Argo to have exclusive access to ePIC's new crypto mining rigs. - 2/24/2021

The recent stock market surge in bitcoin and other cryptocurrency prices has created a favorable environment for blockchain startup investments. - 2/10/2021



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