Mynt Paycard by Paymynt Brings Crypto to Your Wallet

March 15, 2021

Boston-based fintech startup Paymynt has announced the release of a new product called Mynt Paycard, a multicurrency hardware wallet. The device will enable customers to load, store, and spend their cryptocurrencies using advanced microchips.

As the cryptocurrency market continues to expand across the world, more retail locations are beginning to support digital currencies such as Bitcoin. The Mynt Paycard looks to take advantage of the roughly 55 million Americans who are currently unaffiliated with a traditional bank. The Paycard looks to give customers a way to store their digital currencies safely, without the interference of financial institutions.

"Chip-to-Chain technology brings bankless, blockchain services to global audiences," commented Michael Rosa, CEO of Paymynt. "This is especially important for the underserved communities, who are unable to access traditional financial services due to excessive fees or minimal credit history. We're looking forward to bringing financial inclusion to all consumers."

Paymynt’s Mynt Card allows customers to upload and manage their crypto wallet securely through smart devices. The card is supported by Tangem’s advanced curve cryptography and blockchain technology to guarantee all stored funds are secure. Users also have the ability to simply tap their device, or another person’s smart device with the Mynt card to transfer funds instantly. The card is expected to be released later this year, but customers can join the wishlist by visiting the company's webpage.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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