Nufinetes Crypto Wallet Expands on Blockchain Support

January 11, 2023

The next-generation wallet to elevate a crypto journey is here. Well, that is what Nufinetes claims anyways.

Nufinetes is a comprehensive multi-chain wallet created by the development team at VIMworld that allows users to interact with decentralized apps, view NFT collections and store tokens in a secure environment.

The wallet app provides a simpler way to connect to blockchain applications on various browsers as well as desktop and mobile operating systems. This gives users complete control as they send, receive and store digital assets. With that mindset of putting the user experience and security first, the Nufinetes wallet allows users to take their virtual wallet on the go.

Now, the Nufinetes wallet app for blockchain-based assets, through an update, allows iOS, Android and desktop users to engage with NFTs directly within the app as well as access a range of blockchain and decentralized applications.

One feature of the update allows the holders of SmartNFT to utilize the NFT Utility Platform of VMworld to power their NFTs from the application. Also, other NFTs available on the platform, including the 2022 Winter Collection Boxes, can be viewed and transferred to different addresses.

But Nufinetes didn’t stop there. Polygon support is now added to the app to allow users to view and transfer Polygon NFTs and tokens. Users gain flexibility to choose and the opportunity to keep all their digital assets in one place especially with a growing list of blockchain support that already includes BSC Smart Chain, Ethereum and Vechain,

Additionally, Nufinetes made various optimizations to improve the user experience. From transferring digital assets to the security verification process when creating or importing wallets, users see a smoother and faster experience.

Notable performance enhancements such as increased speed for wallet balance retrieval and optimized connections to various communication protocols mean that Nufinetes's blockchain interactions are more stable, improving links with simultaneous decentralized apps.

Edited by Erik Linask

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