PolarBearX, CloverPower PCL Team Up for Green Crypto

January 10, 2022

Investing in eco-friendly business practices is becoming a widespread practice across all areas of businesses, but the crypto-finance sector really seems to be leading the charge. As the public becomes more aware of the energy requirements needed to fuel the infrastructure behind digital currencies and blockchain technology, business leaders want to ensure these energy sources are contributing to a more sustainable world.

This rise in environmental awareness recently led PolarBear X, Clover Power PCL to collaborate on a Green Crypto Mining Innovation Project to create crypto mining and other blockchain solutions running on clean energy. As part of this collaboration, Clover Power PCL recently announced a Series A investment into PolarBear X, which provides the financing needed to make this initiative a reality.

For those unfamiliar with PolarBearX, the company focuses on the development of financial robots used to optimize investments for those trading in stocks, FX, crypto and future, utilizing cutting including AI and blockchain. Clover Power PCL is a renewable energy company, offering companies the resources and expertise needed to move toward sustainable business practices.

According to Kittinu Muayteng, CEO of PolarBearX, the Green Crypto Mining project has been a focus for the company since its establishment. Thanks to the investment from Clover Power PCL, leaders with PolarBearX believe it will allow the company to implement green mining solutions for Bitcoin and Etherum at some point in early 2022. Kittinu also mentions the investment will be helpful for accelerating business expansion.

This news could be yet another wake up call to leaders in the crypto space about the urgency of environmentally focused business. Although the concept of digital currencency is gaining popularity by the day, some detractors have raised concerns about the harm big mining operations could potentially create if left running on traditional fuel sources. With companies like PolarBearX and Clover Power PCL investing in green mining operations, skeptics may be finally convinced to embrace digital currencies once and for all.

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Edited by Maurice Nagle

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