Bitcoin at the ATM? Digital Network Solutions Certifies Just.Cash Crypto Program

January 24, 2023

The terms Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are appearing more and more as the months pass by. Some are adept at how cryptocurrency works, whereas others struggle to figure out where to start and how to purchase cryptocurrency.

With Just.Cash, there’s an easier way to purchase Bitcoin. Just.Cash offers a way for ATM users to purchase and redeem virtual currency on the existing ATM network. And all of this is completed quickly – 40 seconds to buy Bitcoin and 36 seconds on average to cash out.

To top it off, the Just.Cash cryptocurrency program is certified by Digital Network Solutions. This means that beginning in March, independent ATM deployers, or IADs, are expected to offer redemption of Bitcoin for cash as well as sell Bitcoin, by using debit on their ATMs.

IADs using Hyosung X-10 sidecar can also sell Bitcoin with cash. The X10 Cash-in Sidecar is a low-cost, high reward upgrade for Hyosung Retail ATMs. It transforms traditional cash dispensing ATMs into cash-to-digital onboarding ramps.

“It's vital IADs be able to offer new services that differentiate them from the competition and increase profit margin,” said DNS President John Willmon. “What attracted us to Just.Cash is the fact it is a super flexible program that will allow our IADs to do that and more.”

Additional functionality includes cardless transactions that IADs leverage to lower cash costs and risk for cash-based businesses.

"Certifying Just.Cash is another example of our commitment to helping our IAD customers grow their businesses with the latest technology, differentiating their fleet from the competition and providing them with the tools to unlock new profitability," said Willmon.

Just.Cash is remotely enabled on any DNS terminal. With this, IADs immediately start earning additional income from their ATMs without having to make a site visit.

“ATM operators won't need to wait long to see the difference as we have begun investing heavily in online advertising to drive traffic to their terminals,” said Just.Cash General Manager Kirk Barrett.

Just Cash's Bitcoin services are available on Hyosung SE class (C or V versions 06.02.02 or higher) and all Triton retail ATMs.

Edited by Alex Passett

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