Spirit Blockchain Capital Looks to Expand Educational Resources for Investors

September 27, 2021

Blockchain and related technologies have received a serious amount of attention in recent years. There’s certainly a good reason for that potential. The secure, decentralized nature of Blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFTs has enthusiasts quite excited about a wide range of uses and applications that could have a profound effect on our future. While all of this may be true, explaining what Blockchain in layman's terms to those out of the loop is an incredibly challenging task, even for those that understand.

That is why Spirit Blockchain Capital, a Canadian/Swiss crypto-focused investment firm, has decided to expand its educational services for potential investors looking to fully grasp the fundamental ideas behind Blockchain. Although the firm currently offers educational services for investors, Spirit decided to add more content to address the evolving nature of both the technology and finance industry. The firm also intends to offer tailored educational services for the specific needs of individual investors.

Offering education tools about the nature of Blockchain is an excellent way to give investors full disclosure about their investment strategy. However, education about Blockchain should not be limited to those simply looking to grow their portfolio. The recent rise in value of Bitcoin, Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies has sparked a massive flood of funding from the public, with many not even understanding what blockchain technology really is. Because of this, current and future investors could be putting their finances at risk due to prematurely jumping on the bandwagon.

Spirit Blockchain Capital is moving in the right direction in regards to education. This action has the potential to inspire other institutions to offer similar services to the public, creating a more informed public that truly understands how this technology works, as well as the risks associated with it

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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