Bitcoinblack App Includes No-Limit Global Money Transfer Service

September 09, 2022

While some companies are trying to make cryptocurrency accessible to nearly everyone, others are creating highly exclusive communities. Bitcoinblack is among the latter and has become popular among the world’s wealthiest individuals. It provides a no-limit black crypto credit card to those who join the exclusive club. Growing in popularity, bitcoinblack partnered with Haute Living Magazine in August to launch the Haute Living Luxury Marketplace, allowing members to make purchases in an exclusive online destination.

However, after the initial delivery of its credit cards, bitcoinblack made its members strictly use a web portal to load funds, check statements/balances, change pins, etc., as the company worked on developing its iOS and android app.

And money transfers proved to be a challenge globally, according to Prakash Chand, bitcoinblack CEO.

With a release date set for mid-September, the bitcoinblack app will allow users to convert crypto to U.S. dollars immediately for use on their own credit card.

Bitcoinblack members will receive exclusive access to the new features available only within the app including the member-to-member money transfer service. This will be implemented with the app’s launch.

“I am very excited how our development team has added a no-limit instant member-to-member global money transfer service to our app,” said Chand. “Now that I can send another member either $1 or $10 million in under one minute, which they can use anywhere in the world on their credit card immediately, is such a game changer."

Membership to bitcoinblack is by invite or referral only.

Edited by Erik Linask

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