CoinZoom/Railsbank Partner for European Crypto Visa Card Distribution

May 25, 2021

Crypto trading platform CoinZoom has announced a new partnership with Banking-as-a-Service provider Railsbank to bring CoinZoom Visa Debit cards to European consumers. The joint venture hopes to provide customers with a convenient card system for converting and spending crypto currencies in retail and online marketplaces.

Cryptocurrencies have hit the mainstream over the last year, and crypto investors are now looking to spend their coins of choice in the same way that fiat currency is commonly used. CoinZoom’s virtual wallet allows users to select the specific coin they wish to use for a particular transaction, which is then converted into standard cash for the final transaction. Users will also be eligible for cash back rewards,similar to the reward systems commonly found with most major credit cards.

“CoinZoom users in the U.S. are currently spending millions of dollars in crypto every month via their Visa cards,” said Todd Crosland, CoinZoom CEO. “We’re eager to work with Visa in Europe and offer more of our users the opportunity to easily spend their crypto anywhere Visa is accepted, while earning up to 5% back in crypto back on every purchase.”

As a part of the partnership, the crypto Visa Cards will be distributed by Railsbank. Outside of Europe, CoinZoom’s Visa Card can be used by customers in the United States, United Kingdom, and SouthEast Asia.

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Edited by Maurice Nagle

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