JPMorgan Blockchain Job Listings Legitimizes Crypto Further

March 08, 2021

According to JPMorgan’s company website, the global bank currently has 34 open positions related to blockchain currently open for consideration, further cementing crypto currencies as a dominating force in the future of finance.

Crypto has quickly been gaining support across the internet, from independent businesses, and even from celebrities and politicians. Now that mega-banks like JPMorgan are officially joining the party by hiring blockchain engineers, it almost acts as a final stamp of approval for the legitimacy of the technology. The company’s 34 open positions are scattered across the globe, with the majority being in the US, India, and Singapore. Most of these positions are related to Onyx, the company’s separate division specifically created for overseeing JPM Coin.

Though the number of open blockchain positions at JP Morgan may not seem like many, it is much higher than other major competitors.Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and BNY Mellon all have less than five total open positions related to blockchain. The major disparity in numbers may signify that JP Morgan has a bigger interest in blockchain than the public realizes at this time.

The company has been relatively silent about it’s position on blockchain, but these new posts speak volumes about it’s business when compared to the competition. Cryptocurrency and blockchain are currently at their peak popularity, and JP Morgan is surely paying close attention to how the public is reacting. The value of crypto is currently surging, and the inevitable adoption of crypto in the business space makes it logical for JP Morgan to want to be ahead of the game.

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Edited by Maurice Nagle

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