Crypto Island Project Moves Forward with Incorporation

October 27, 2021

The blockchain community is moving forward with a unique project that could redefine the world of real estate. Crypto Island, a new business idea that will allow crypto investors to purchase ownership to a decentralized private island, has officially become incorporated.

Officials with the group have revealed that the Crypto Island project will legally be referred to as Crypto Island Group Incorporated. With this new legal status, the group will now be able to move forward with this ambitious idea to make the first decentralized community in the world.

“Extremely proud to announce we’ve succeeded in finding a way of making decentralized living possible!” commented Crypto Island CEO/FounderDan Bouwer “With this, we will be globally recognized as an official company and the first ever to make tokenizing ownership of land and properties legally possible.”

Since blockchain became a mainstream topic in the early 2010s, industry experts and theorists have contemplated the possible applications for this technology. Though finance has been a primary focus its use(cryptocurrencies, stable coins,etc.), innovators have realized that the secure, decentralized nature of blockchain can be useful for legal purposes like real estate.

Crypto Island has gained serious traction since the project was announced, and is currently endorsed by celebrities including Lindsay Lohan, Scott Disick, Rich The kid, and Amber Rose. Though the project is currently in early development, members of the company have provided a detailed roadmap that outlines the tasks that need to make Crypto Island a reality.

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Edited by Maurice Nagle

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