Digital Currency Group Relocating HQ to CT

December 02, 2021

Digital Currency Group recently generated some buzz in the blockchain world, after a Hartford Courant article  revealed the state government of Connecticut is providing $5 million to support the company’s relocation to Stamford. In exchange for this financial aid, Digital Currency Group intends to create roughly 300 full-time jobs to support the local economy.

For those who are unfamiliar, Digital Currency Group is a venture capital firm specializing in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology development. The group holds investments in over 200 blockchain companies, and currently owns the largest digital currency asset management organizations in the world, Grayscale Investments.

Outside of the financial support, executives at Digital Currency Group decided to move the company’s headquarters to Stamford due to its closeness to major metropolitan business hubs, as well as the city’s business-friendly environment.

“It quickly became clear that Connecticut had everything we were looking for in a new headquarters,” founder and Chief Executive Officer Barry Silbert said in a news release announcing the move. “We are committed to making our new home in Stamford a hub for the next generation of fintech and blockchain entrepreneurs.”

The new headquarters will be located in the Shippan Landing complex, and will occupy roughly 90,000 sq ft of leasable space. The space is currently undergoing renovations to support this new move.

Considering DCG’s solid reputation within the world of crypto and blockchain, as well as the rising popularity of both technologies on a global scale, this relocation could be a gamechanger for the city of Stamford. The new facility is roughly 40 miles from NYC, one of the country’s leading tech hubs, which will likely be a key resource for future developments. At the same time, Stamford natives will be able to join the next major technological frontier, while simultaneously contributing to local business development.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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