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Reltime Pilots 5G Handset Validators to Transform Blockchain Landscape

July 27, 2023

Telecom operators are on the cusp of a transformative shift in the digital landscape as they embrace blockchain technology's potential. It makes sense. By leveraging their existing 5G infrastructure and vast user base, these operators can participate in validating transactions on the blockchain, opening doors to innovative services.

Now, adding to that list of services is the introduction of 5G mobile handsets as trusted node validators in Layer-1 Proof of Authority Blockchain. Spearheaded by Reltime, a provider of next-generation Web3 platform services, this milestone achievement holds significance for the industry, unlocking more opportunities for secure and interconnected digital applications.

Reltime has developed its own Layer-1 POA Blockchain with zero transaction and gas fees. The platform includes a range of applications such as non-custodian wallets, SuperApp, loyalty programs, payment solutions, lending services, QR codes, CBDCs and digital fiats and utility tokens.

Now, by leveraging the speed and security capabilities of 5G networks, Reltime has built a scalable blockchain infrastructure that harnesses the widespread adoption of mobile phone technology. This means that anyone with a 5G mobile handset can now participate in the PoA consensus mechanism, enabling true global decentralization. This innovation has far-reaching implications for various industries, as businesses can now create unlimited tenant environments with non-custodian wallets, even across different regulatory frameworks and markets.

In the telecom industry, the introduction of handsets as node validators enables more efficient utilization of existing infrastructures to exploit the potential of Web3. The implementation of authorized nodes for validating transactions ensures the highest levels of security, a critical aspect for the telecom industry, which handles vast amounts of sensitive user data.

These handsets also give rise to innovative decentralized applications such as peer-to-peer transactions, decentralized cloud storage, and IoT connectivity, leading to the emergence of new services and revenue streams.

“We are not just ensuring optimal performance but also establishing a new operational framework for Web3's enterprise adoption. We have also integrated a robust identity protocol in our platform which makes each mobile phone node exceptionally secure and trustworthy,” said Frode van der Laak, co-founder, inventor and CEO of Reltime. “Reltime is now making blockchain technology more accessible, more usable, and more global than ever before.”

Edited by Alex Passett

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