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SpaceChain Selected by Google for Startups Program to Fuel Innovations

April 18, 2023

Though the history of the blockchain varies a tad (depending on who’s asked), it was circa 2008 that its market relevancies became more mainstream. But even in recent years (and despite its industry-spanning rise in popularity), blockchain technology has withstood numerous stigmas; this has included being oft-associated with criminal activities, absences of regulatory oversight, and a lacking in real and practical applications beyond the realm of cryptocurrencies.

However, stigmas be damned, the legitimacy of blockchain technology has risen as businesses (and even government entities) have recognized the potential therein. By enabling secure and transparent transactions, reducing fraud and increasing various efficiencies in finance, supply chain management and even healthcare, the blockchain has demonstrated more promise with real-world use cases. It’s also been used in real estate, for tracking the authenticity of goods, digital identity management, smart insurance contracts, and in the development of media.

And now, we can add satellite systems and space infrastructure to that list.

Enter Google; specifically, the Google for Startups program designed to provide custom support for early-stage companies looking to build sustainable business models.

The startup that ties together this blockchain and space-related news?


SpaceChain, an integrator of space, security and the blockchain, offers “Space-as-a-Service” for modernized businesses, enabling them to innovate new use cases via space-centric products and take their blockchain technology to space itself.

By promoting and accelerating expertise-driven blockchain advancements, solutions for space missions include the launching of nodes, the deployment of smart contracts, the bolstering of cybersecurity and more. SpaceChain’s efforts also include space-based multisignature wallet technology, decentralized satellite infrastructure (a.k.a. a mesh network of heterogeneous spacecraft owned and operated in Low Earth Orbit, or LEO, by multiple parties in multiple jurisdictions) and other applications.

So it’s only good news that SpaceChain has gained Google’s startup support to propel its global growth.

Under the Google for Startups program, SpaceChain will be able to strengthen all of the aforementioned; the integrity of its space infrastructure, its exploration of more advanced processing applications onboard LEO satellite systems (as well as future payload launches), and mobile communications protocols for satellite service providers.

In short, this is no small boost SpaceChain has received.

"The Google for Startups program and its entire ecosystem will allow us to confidently support our customers with significant infrastructure and resources as we scale up our team and operations,” said Cliff Beek, CEO of SpaceChain. “And with rising demands for space-based blockchain breakthroughs, the program will also enable a deeper sense of collaboration between Google and SpaceChain, in terms of furthering cloud and Web3 applications and critical assets in space.”

As a bonus, we have a quote from Greg Tavarez, blockchain buff and fellow Editor for Blockchain Domain. He had this to say about the news:

“SpaceChain is demonstrating why it’s considered one of the pioneers in the field of space-based blockchain technology,” Tavarez noted. “Its LEO satellite network already created innovative opportunities in the veins of security and accessibility from space. Now, it’ll be interesting to see how they build on that with the countless resources from the Google for Startups program."

Edited by Greg Tavarez

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