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Forever 21's Virtual Fashion Available in Metaverse Collection

December 12, 2022

Retail businesses are constantly looking for an edge to increase brand recognition and sales. The latest is the bring the brand experience into the metaverse. It creates an entirely new opportunity to connect with customers, and serves to satisfy brands’ ongoing quest for creating unique experiences and deepening customer relationships and loyalty.

Younger consumers, specifically those from Gen Z, tend to want ways they can connect their actual selves with their virtual avatars. In fact, research from Roblox’s “2022 Metaverse Fashion Trend Report” states that 70% of Gen Z users borrow ideas from their physical selves for their avatars.

Fashion retailer Forever 21’s virtual store on Roblox features head-to-toe looks for anyone. Products range from apparel, accessories, shoes and costumes. But Forever 21 is in need of a way to better connect virtual and physical items through more “phygital” experiences.

As a way to celebrate its one-year anniversary in the metaverse with its metaverse-inspired fashion collection, Forever 21 sees the “phygital” experience as an opportunity for its F21 Metaverse Collection.

The collection, resulting from the brand’s success in virtual product testing, features hoodies and T-shirts, designed with elements from the brand’s virtual offerings. The collection also includes the real-life version of the fan-favorite Forever Beanie, a favorite in the Forever 21 Shop City on Roblox.

“Our initial goal with Forever 21 Shop City was to expand how we engage with our customers and make our products accessible to all,” said Winnie Park, Forever 21 CEO. “With the success of the virtual Forever Beanie in our Roblox store, we are thrilled to bring this beloved product and the entire F21 Metaverse Collection to life.”

The F21 Metaverse Collection shows how Forever 21 continues to push boundaries by making on-trend virtual fashion accessible.

“The launch showcases how Forever 21, in partnership with VBG, has created an entirely new way to innovate, design and retail fashion globally,” said Justin W. Hochberg, Virtual Brand Group’s CEO. 

The limited edition F21 Metaverse Collection is available in-stores and online with products starting at $14.99.

Edited by Erik Linask

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