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Changing the Metaverse Experience, One Healthy Activity at a Time

July 11, 2023

Right out of the gate, I’d like to level with you here: I don’t know about y’all, but staying healthy and fit too often feels like throwing a bent dart at a target attached to a jerry-rigged timing belt that’s strung up on the ceiling with a disco lightshow playing a full-blast version of the “Macarena” in the background.

Okay, perhaps I’m being a smidge overdramatic, but you get what I’m driving at here. It’s hard to maintain health and fitness goals. It can feel all over the place; a non-linear competition with yourself that, while rewarding, is hard for everyone to keep up with for their own personal reasons.

Such is life, at times.

That said, nothing here is devoid of hopefulness; there are infinitudes (if that can even be pluralized) of ways to make plans for yourself while doing your best to stay on track. Non-linear is A-OK. Progress is progress.

One such way – especially given today’s evolving technologies and how they assist us – is through a gamification of healthier living. By gamifying most of the monotony (or the intimidating factors that come with acquiring a gym membership and regularly going to work out there, for example), efforts can feel a bit more refreshed.

In the past, one may have ended that last sentence with the phrase “in theory,” but not today.

Enter the metaverse.

While it’s understood that not everything in our physical lives is necessarily one-to-one translatable to a metaverse-esque setting, the metaverse can still provide a next-gen fusion of healthiness and technology by immersing users in a visually stunning sort of alternative. By encapsulating traditional fitness regimes within a virtual realm through VR/AR, people looking to get healthier and stronger are provided not only with an all-around-them type of larger-than-life virtual workout, but a narrative. A narrative with graspable goals in an interactive, gamified environment that may turn our otherwise strenuous tasks into something – if not unequivocally exhilarating, for any metaverse skeptics – that is simply more fun.

Additionally, the metaverse may offer a sense of community for people looking to sync their virtual workouts with other like-minded VR/AR-steeped journeyers. Users can set up friendly competitions between one another in the metaverse, extending the grasp of reality into an engaging virtualized space while still holding each other accountable health-wise and fitness-wise along the way.

Sure, this may not be a perfect next-best step for every individual, but shaking things up is, as stated before, fun. Min-maxing the most optimized way to stay in shape may set an unfair expectation on people that truly deserve to allow themselves more grace amidst the crazy times we’re living through.

So, where’s all this headed in regard to the news?

It’s simple. Gymetaverse, an initial project of Wellness Metaverse, is a new Web3-based health and fitness tracking application where users can steadily earn real value through the completion of various metaverse activities within tailor-made training programs. In creating this, the developers’ goals center around motivating users to improve a well-rounded sense of wellness in the modern age while contributing to the building-out of new metaverse ecosystems.

Recently, the Gymetaverse Web3 brand partnered with AiR World (“AiR” standing for “Adventure in Reality”) to introduce a new “Play-to-Earn” concept. Using Web3 tech (in coordination with AiR World, Gymetaverse can offer a more uniquely rewarding sort of experience in both physical and digital ways.

From Gymetaverse and AiR World, interactive metaverse games like the 3 Fun Slam-Dunk Challenge and the Lacrosse Super Challenge will be featured to encourage the idea of “completing missions” and challenges (i.e. like in live service video games) and inspire them to make fitness a part of their daily routine, even in virtual or augmented reality. (NFTs being available for metaverse participants is another incentivization here, but it isn’t the endgame. The endgame, really, is people fine-tuning what works best as part of their day-to-days, in terms of health and overall enjoyment.)

Learn more here.

Edited by Greg Tavarez

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