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Continuum and Plato Extend Active Web3 Communities in Partnership

January 16, 2023

Web3 is dubbed as the future of the internet as it incorporates decentralization, blockchain technologies and token-based economics. But Web3 brands are plagued with various problems that make the sector difficult to navigate. Problems that include regulations, cybersecurity audits, compliance and licenses.

Continuum, a Web3 community thinktank, aggregates resources in Web3 to help blockchain brands overcome those problems and ultimately thrive in Web3 through effective strategy, communications and networking.

To help its partners benefit from an increased global reach, Continuum is in a strategic partnership with Plato Data Intelligence a New York City-based data platform focused on the curation of data intelligence on innovative technology verticals.

Plato is designed to provide a secure environment to consume sector specific real-time data intelligence while delivering fully secured Web3 connectivity across 27 market verticals and 27 languages. Plato identifies and organizes public and private data sources that makes accessing this information faster and more efficient. By layering information with highly contextual and validated data sets, Plato creates an authentic and value driven user experience.

The partnership between Continuum and Plato is focused on extending the two companies’ active Web3 communities via increased brand awareness, engagement and vertical data intelligence using Plato’s content distribution and syndication network.

"Our goal is to help early-stage companies in the Web3 space create cost effective way to generate brand awareness, social proof and SEO across a company’s marketing and outreach objectives,” said Kristina Bruhahn, Continuum’s CEO and founder. “Plato’s content distribution and syndication platform enables us immediate global reach across a deep mix of publications and media outlets.”

Bryan Feinberg, Plato’s founder and CEO, is in agreement with Bruhahn and sees the partnership as an ideal fit for Plato’s platform “across Continuum’s growing community by delivering unprecedented engagement opportunities for their growing community.”

Edited by Greg Tavarez

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