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The TON Foundation Revolutionizes File Storage Guarantee

January 12, 2023

Traditional torrents lack long-term storage guarantees. Sure, the lack of a storage guarantee is OK for unimportant data, but it is a must for more important data.

That is where the TON Foundation steps in with TON Storage, a decentralized file-sharing and data storage solution that is set up to solve a host of the issues posed by the volume of data the modern way of life requires.

The way TON Storage works is like internet-based peer-to-peer file sharing that uses torrents. But instead, it relies on The Open Network blockchain network to transfer data files of any size, which are backed-up and encrypted without needing centralized web servers.

TON Storage uses financial incentives with the help of smart contracts on the blockchain. A node operator and a user create a smart contract on the TON blockchain that guarantees that the user pays a fixed amount in Toncoin to store files for a predetermined amount of time.

For those wondering if they can become a node operator, founding members of the TON Foundation say anyone can become a node operator on the TON network and receive payments from other users for hosting files – even if operating just one node. The accessibility of this new product incentivizes new users to join the TON network. As a result, the TON ecosystem grows.

“This technology can be used by both individual users and services with a multimillion-dollar audience,” said Anatoly Makosov, founding member of the TON Foundation. “Providing a reliable distributed storage solution is the next step in realizing our vision of a decentralized, open internet.”

To become a totally decentralized internet, as Makosov mentioned, TON Storage combines with TON Sites and TON DNS to enable sites to launch on the TON Network without requiring a fixed IP address, a centralized domain or a certified centralized center. TON Sites can be hosted on TON Storage without the need for a web server.

TON Storage is revolutionary. It guarantees storage virtually in perpetuity.

Edited by Alex Passett

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