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Music Securities Forges New Music Revenue Stream through Trusted Platform

January 11, 2023

Most people have some general idea about how business in the music industry works. Spreadsheets, intermediaries and lawyers play a huge part in determining how music artists receive their money.

Well, the reality is Web 3.0 is on the verge of dismantling that tradition with more transparent content flow to better connect creators and consumers. An example here? Global creator-driven platforms using Intertrust Platform’s Token Rights Management features to create new marketplaces that leverage consumers’ engagement with creators as the entertainment industry enters a new, disruptive cycle.

Intertrust Platform is self-explanatory. It is a trusted data orchestration ecosystem that infuses end-to-end security for information traversing from source, through cloud to consumer. According to Intertrust, the Platform enables seamless data governance and distributed authentication for enterprises collaborating across disparate data sources and third-party users.

Music Securities, an independent financial services company, is collaborating with Intertrust and leveraging Intertrust Platform’s TRM Web 3.0 and its unique creator-to-consumer digital rights management technologies to launch Digital Music Securities, an innovative, new music rights security company.

The DMS token marketplace makes master recording rights transactions transparent, with clear and fair distribution of earnings. With Intertrust TRM, the DMS marketplace enables master recording rights owners to create tokens that can be subdivided. This provides individuals and small investors the chance to participate in the master recording rights market.

“Artists who own their master recording rights will receive a fair share of the proceeds of their sales and transfer their rights to tap into significant revenue streams,” said Masami Komatsu, Music Securities’ CEO.

Music fans also engage in extended distribution of their favorite artists’ music through online listening parties or other innovative means of digital distribution.

“This technology has the potential to put 8 billion people in one small concert hall, and more money directly in creators’ wallets,” said Albhy Galuten, Intertrust, senior fellow and founder and CEO of Agora Media.

The service is set to launch in the spring of 2023. Global artists that want to use the platform are encouraged to contact DMS sooner to gain early access to the system.

Edited by Alex Passett

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