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The Blockchain Event Preview: Companies Better Prepare to Shift to Web3

February 13, 2023

Web3 technologies are changing the way the world works and interacts. Decentralized apps that run on the blockchain, including NFTs, cryptocurrencies as well as the metaverse, are hyped to the point where they have ads just about everywhere today. Most have likely seen a commercial ad where these Web3 technologies are hyped up as an alternative to buy art or music and even go as far as being called the replacement for banks.

The reality is, adoption of these technologies isn’t as high as most would think. The answer is simple. There is not enough education on these technologies or the benefits they deliver.

Companies also find it difficult to switch from what they know in Web2 to Web3 technologies, but they have an opportunity to better prepare for Web3 if they attend the “Is Your Company Ready for Web3?” session during The Blockchain Event, which is part of ITEXPO on Feb. 14-16, 2023, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The Blockchain Event is an opportunity for decision-makers, technologists and developers to grasp a better understanding of the value of blockchain to their businesses no matter the industry through various panel discussions.

With the challenges that come with transitioning from Web2 to Web3, something was needed to eliminate the complexities that are associated with blockchain technology. Blockchain as a Service is part of the discussion during the “Why Enterprises are Buying into Blockchain as a Service” session on Feb. 14. This session discusses how BaaS provides access to infrastructure, solutions, scalability, monitoring and analytics on a consumption model, eliminating costly and time-consuming development processes.

Also planned are discussions surrounding NFTs and what they can bring to a business at the “NFTs: The Future of the Digital World?” session as well as the impact of NFTs on the entertainment industry during the “NFTs and Hollywood: Reshaping Entertainment,” both on Feb. 16.

The 2023 Blockchain Event is a great opportunity for attendees to gain more insight on how blockchain is disrupting the fintech market and helping create a new global economy.

Edited by Greg Tavarez

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