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Ledger Dispatches On-Chain Messaging Inbox

January 04, 2023

On-chain, web3-native communication is a sought-after use-case for blockchain. Dispatch, an on-chain messaging and analytics tool that utilizes web3 tech, levels the playing field to advance competitive markets and helps innovative businesses thrive by enabling brands and token issuers to engage and communicate directly with the wallet addresses that comprise their communities via NFTs.

The purpose of this protocol is to open a direct line of communication between projects and their communities, eliminating the need for email addresses and other user platforms built with web2 consumers in mind.

The downside is that Dispatch messages are typically limited to static NFTs in users' wallets because of rendering constraints. Now, an integration of its Inbox app with Ledger, a platform for digital assets and web3 allows users to fully engage with Dispatch messages, which now appear in the form of mini apps, or fully featured NFTs rendered directly in the Ledger Live interface.

The Dispatch Inbox app is launched directly in Ledger Live. From there, user instantly view and engage with messages from their favorite projects and stay up to date on the important things happening with their favorite projects

Here is a use case scenario. A brand that previously dropped an NFT can now reach out to holders to ask them to provide product feedback, all right in their wallets and without relying on web2 data. This helps users stay up to date without relying on numerous messaging applications and social platforms for the latest information.

"Dispatch is a great example of a developer making use of our open-source platform to deliver value to users," said Carl Anderson, vice president of consumer engineering at Ledger. 

Users within Ledger Live are able to add the Dispatch application where they have fully-featured NFTs rendered directly within the Ledger Live interface. This allows projects put dynamic NFTs to use to communicate directly.

"We're bringing the full experience of trusted Dispatch messages — from rendering to engagement — to Ledger users through their trusted wallets,” said Byron Sorrells, head of Dispatch. “We've only just begun to scratch the surface of what is possible in on-chain communications."

Edited by Alex Passett

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