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SIMBA Chain Streamlines Federal Access to Blockchain Solutions in AFICC Partnership

January 31, 2023

Decentralized applications interacting seamlessly with legacy systems across public and private domains is a challenge that governments face when implementing Web3 solutions. Government-grade solutions require exceptional network performance, future flexibility and robust security features.

Therefore, governments and agencies turn to SIMBA Chain to embed encrypted, zero-trust frameworks to develop and deploy diverse Web3 solutions for resilient information sharing global persistent awareness and effective decision-making.

With an already established track record across agencies such as the U.S. Navy and Department of Defense, SIMBA Chain is in a new partnership with the Air Force Installation Contracting Center through a basic ordering agreement. This allows federal agencies to access SIMBA Chain’s Phase III Small Business Innovation Research capabilities with the AFICC.

The new BOA extends through March 2024. Through it, federal clients that seek detailed data support for decision-making gain access to SIMBA Chain's Web3 development platform.

"This BOA is a game-changer for federal agencies,” said Bryan Ritchie, CEO of SIMBA Chain. “We have enjoyed collaborating with AFICC to establish this BOA and appreciate their efforts to make sophisticated blockchain technology accessible to all federal agencies.”

But what is SIMBA Chain?

SIMBA Chain is used to develop applications for supply chain management, financial accountability, medical data and manufacturing. At its core is SIMBA Blocks, which abstracts the complexities of blockchain development to make Web3 accessible to all.

SIMBA Blocks is a fully integrated platform that addresses governments' challenges when implementing blockchain-based solutions – such as the challenge previously mentioned.

The platform delivers a low-configuration environment that auto-generates REST APIs capable of connecting to smart contracts on multiple blockchain protocols. Governments optimize their blockchain applications while future-proofing Web3 investments when given the ability to choose and migrate between public, private and hybrid chains.

And now, with the AFICC partnership through a BOA, a wider range of government agencies can improve their operations and gain unparalleled visibility into their supply chains and financial operations.

Edited by Greg Tavarez

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