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Wear an IronVest in Fight Against Cyberattacks

January 06, 2023

Bad actors of cyberattacks tend to find different ways to attack their targets, and the shift is to attack individuals instead of infrastructure. For businesses, this means protecting end users, especially when end users have access to company applications from personal devices.

Naturally, businesses are in the hunt for an extra layer of protection for end users, kind of like a type of armor to boost defense. They need not look further than IronVest with its decentralized biometric security super app that protects digital accounts, online payments and personal data for consumers and provides 360-degree protection for employees inside and outside of the workplace.

"Most rely on password managers to protect their accounts, but if a bad actor gets access to the password manager, they get access to all of their account logins," said Avi Turgeman, CEO and co-founder of IronVest.

IronVest provides consumers and businesses with user-friendly, comprehensive protection of all accounts and online actions with its patented decentralized, hermetic fraud prevention technology, called AuthenticAction.

The IronVest technology protects against cyberattacks such as account takeovers resulting from stolen passwords, credential stuffing, SIM swaps, MFA hijacking and phishing with its next-gen password and MFA protection. This ensures unauthorized users can't access user accounts, reset passwords or steal MFA passcodes codes sent via SMS or email.

Additionally, for businesses, IronVest’s proprietary biometric technology simultaneously captures, verifies and notarizes an employee’s identity and actions. This prevents post-login attacks because IronVest is continuously confirming the employee’s identity for the duration they are online conducting a sensitive transaction.

IronVest also helps employees spot and avoid suspicious emails. IronVest InboxGuard warns employees of potential attacks and gives them easy-to-understand, actionable insights on how to avoid them. InboxGuard is deployed in minutes with zero-integration and one-click installation.

Give employees that extra layer of protection without the need to remember passwords, check phones for access codes or answer security questions. IronVest works full-time in the background, making it easy for organizations and difficult for cyberattackers.

Edited by Greg Tavarez

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