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Mastercard Web3-Based Program Develops Emerging Artists in Tech-Driven Era

January 10, 2023

Music is the universal language. Even if one cannot understand the lyrics, they feel the emotion put into the song through the passion displayed by the musician or musicians. Still, passion alone cannot carry a new musician into the fold of the music industry.

Mastercard is a music industry supporter as it finds different ways to connect artists and fans through various experiences and surprises, building on sponsorships with the Grammy Awards, Latin Grammy Awards and Brit Awards. So how does Mastercard assist emerging artists?

Mastercard’s “Priceless” album, released in June 2022, is an innovative collaboration centered on mentoring rising artists. That is just the beginning.

Mastercard sees the potential in the future of the internet, Web3, to open a new dimension for music content creation, collaboration and ownership. Tapping into Web3, Mastercard is launching the Web3-based Mastercard Artist Accelerator program to connect select artists from around the world with notable mentors and a dynamic fanbase as they learn and create in Web3.

The kickoff date is spring 2023 as five emerging artists are prepared with the tools, skills and access to forge their musical paths in the digital economy. The artists gain exclusive access to special events, music releases and more. Artists also learn how to build and own their brand through Web3 experiences like minting NFTs, representing themselves in virtual worlds and establishing an engaged community.

“Our vision is to bridge passion and purpose, spotlighting amazing emerging artists and creating an interactive community that allows participants to learn, experiment and grow together,” said Raja Rajamannar, Mastercard chief marketing and communications officer.

The Mastercard Artist Accelerator isn’t just for emerging artists. Fans are also invited to have a seat at the table. The Mastercard Music Pass, a limited edition NFT, gives holders access to the exclusive Web3 x Music educational materials, unique resources through Mastercard’s collaborations and priceless experiences in real life and the metaverse. The token allows fans to join the platform and learn alongside artists to sharpen their own tools and knowledge of the space.

“With the Mastercard Artist Accelerator, we are expanding access and driving connections further with cutting-edge Web3 technology,” Rajamannar.

The program is another milestone for Mastercard, which already has a track record in the music space, coupled with its expertise for building strong networks in the digital economy. The Mastercard Artist Accelerator program, set to culminate later in 2023 with a livestreamed artist showcase, gives emerging artists the tools and capabilities they need to thrive in a tech-driven era.

Edited by Erik Linask

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