3D AR Game Wallem Offers Pewdiepie Skin Via its Etherium Blockchain Marketplace

November 06, 2020

Popular and sometimes controversial gaming Youtuber Pewdiepie has joined the blockchain project Wallem. Players of the 3D augmented reality (AR) game will be able to purchase a skin of Pewdiepie to be used in the game's virtual world. The Youtuber currently boasts 107 million subscribers on his channel.

Wallem works by offering non-fungible tokens (NFTs) which may be used to purchase skins and other items within the game. A special Pewdiepie NFT may be used to purchase his skin through the Rarible marketplace, and then used in Wallem's 3D world. Players are also rewarded with Etherium-based ERC20 tokens known as pteria (PTE).

Wallem is build on the Etherium network and uses the Etherium blockchain for pteria and NFT-powered marketplace items. The AR game is available for iOS and Android users, and blends real and virtual worlds much like Pokemon Go.

The six Pewdiepie skins available are unique NFT skins issued through the Pteria DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). There are a limited number of NFTs available that may be used within the Wallem app.

NFT owners will also be able to accrue revenues from future sales once the Pewdiepie NFT is available on Rarible. According to the Wallem team, "10 percent of all the crypto that Pewdiepie skins collect within the crypto events in Wallem,” will accrue revenue.

NFTs and blockchain gaming in general are gaining in popularity and represent a lucrative market. According to, there have been more than $1.5 million in NFT sales so far. And within the past week, the average NFT sells for $60.58.

Pewdiepie has previously been involved in the blockchain world, and joined the  Dlive live streaming platform in April 2019 as an alternative to the popular Twitch platform. He used the platform, the largest live streaming community on the blockchain, exclusively until May of 2020.

Dlive operates using a blockchain for its servers and donation systems and currently resides on the TRON network.

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Edited by Maurice Nagle



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