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Woodies Finds Metaverse Home

December 08, 2022

Decentraland is one of the more developed worlds in the metaverse. It heightens levels of engagement between communities and brands. In Decentraland, users create scenes, artworks and challenges using the builder tool and participate in events to win prizes. Users also buy and sell land, estates, avatar wearables and names in the Decentraland Marketplace.

In relation to wearables, the Decentraland approach is different from traditional wearables in other metaverse worlds. Decentraland’s linked wearables are 3D representations of NFTs that originate from outside Decentraland. Once an NFT collection is approved as linked wearables, holders use their NFT as in-world wearables that act as their own avatar. In addition to enabling Decentraland’s interoperability with third-party NFT projects, this innovative feature introduces new benefits for NFT holders and communities.

Among the linked wearables is Web3 entertainment brand Woodies’ complete generative NFT collection. Woodies, developed by UltraDAO, is a community dedicated to experiencing and preserving the outdoors, empowered by storytelling and technology. Its first offering is the Woodies Generative collection of 9,739 NFTs.

Each Woodie is randomly generated from a mix of over 900 traits, on-the-fly, when minted. There are over 10 trillion potential combinations and each resulting Woodie is unique.

“Woodies owners can now experience their Woodie as an animated character in Decentraland,” said Richard Powazynski, co-founder of Woodies. “Your Woodie represents your own individuality and ethos. This builds on the emotional connection people have with their NFTs, and adds to the value of digital ownership.”

Linked wearables are important because, as Powazynski says, they make it an easy choice for content creators like Woodies to have a metaverse presence, and they make the metaverse fun as Woodies NFT holders socialize within Decentraland. 

Edited by Erik Linask

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