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Diamond Offers Twitter Alternative

December 01, 2022

There's a circus show going on at Twitter, starting with a change in ownership to Elon Musk, and a plethora of other sideshows, including account verification requiring only payment,  blanekt reinstatement of suspended accounts,users threatening to leave the platform, advertisers pulling their spending, and a free speech rift with Apple.

As users seek something different for their social media needs, blockchain technology offers an  alternative by putting content and social graphs on-chain instead of on private servers. This ensures that a single centralized app, like Twitter, doesn’t have too much control over public discourse.

Creators are optimistic about Diamond, a decentralized Twitter alternative, as the monthly user count hit the 130,000 mark. That is because their posts and social graph are stored on-chain and are portable to any other app built on the DeSo blockchain, giving creators and their followers more control and ownership.

Diamond and DeSo leverage web3 technology to enable a more direct relationship between creators and users. Diamond also leverages blogging functionality and several money-native features creators use to build, scale and monetize their audiences. Blogging is permissionless and decentralized with content stored on-chain and 100% open source.

There are two concerns with blockchain technology though – storage capabilities and the cost of transactions. A 200-character Tweet on Ethereum is about $50. DeSo, though, is a more cost-efficient alternative.

“DeSo is one ten-thousandth of a cent, making it the first blockchain capable of disrupting storage-heavy applications like social, blogging and even marketplaces," said Nader Al-Naji, the founder of DeSo.

In addition, Diamond's integration of the DeSo wallet makes it possible to onboard Ethereum and mainstream users.

"The DeSo wallet supports both a one-click Google login and a one-click MetaMask login," said Al-Naji. "We just want to allow people to connect no matter what ecosystem they're a part of."

Diamond prevents creators from being locked into a single app and enables them to build their social graphs on the blockchain. Consumers also benefit, as Salil Shah, COO of DeSo, says, because they choose from multiple apps to “find the moderation policies that resonate with them.”

Edited by Erik Linask

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