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Decentraland Shakes up Music Industry with 2nd Metaverse Festival

October 27, 2022

Subwoofers blare, bright lights flash, instruments rock, and singers sing. At the same time, music festival attendees cheer and dance, going all out and having the time of their life. When the last show ends for the day, attendees take of their VR headsets (if they are using them), turn off their computers and “camp” in their houses in preparation of day two of the festival. Sounds bizarre, right?

It’s not as farfetched as one would think. Decentraland hosted its inaugural Metaverse Music Festival in 2021, which featured over 80 artists including Web3 innovators Deadmau5, 3LAU, Paris Hilton, RAC and Alison Wonderland.

MVMF will return bigger this year with at least 100 confirmed artists across uniquely curated community genre stages and with newly-created, Web3-enabled, immersive music experiences. The festival will be set in a cyberpunk city of the future with the Tower of Babel stage as the center piece. This won’t be the only stage though.

For the metal fans, head over to the Ozzfest stage and see a confirmed virtual performance from Ozzy Osbourne himself. For those who prefer the rave scene, stop by The Raverse by Random Ravers, a metaverse music brand, for an immersive rave experience featuring international artists. There will even be a stage with a gigantic dancing doll presented by MetaTokyo. There will be something for everyone at the music festival.

Apart from the music, Decentraland will utilize metaverse technology to provide listeners with unique experiences only available through a virtual world. Decentraland’s emotes feature will enable creators to create custom moves and gestures that bring an avatar to life. This will be the main way attendees interact and express themselves. New motion capture technology will also be demonstrated on the stage to enable motion capture with no suits.

New fan engagement models – such as wearables, NFT gated-experiences and exclusives – gained momentum over the last year, and presenting partner Kraken will drop a series of NFT wearables exclusively for festival-goers and unveil a pop-up NFT gallery, in addition to hosting a special festival after party.

For attendees who need to give their ears a rest, Decentraland will introduce new metaverse experiences such as the Portaloo experience to the Follow the Rabbit to the Take the Blue Pill experience.

Other experiences are geared toward creators and community organizers looking to develop more embedded experiences, showcased through the MadMax Decentrally race, a community dance contest using the first generation of emotes.

The metaverse has redefined how people interact virtually. Now, it redefined how people attend music festivals with the free Metaverse Music Festival – virtual reality, headsets and tickets not required – the you’ll get a different level of immersive experience with your headset.  But, when  you need to recharge it, you won’t have to miss a minute of the music.

Edited by Erik Linask



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