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HashCash's Blockchain-powered Prototype Delivers Accurate Demand Forecasting

September 12, 2022

An important part of management, no matter the industry, is forecasting. Accurate business strategies, sports analysis and even election predictions are only possible with information pulled from multiple data source.

The inconsistencies among sources when gathering data, though, is difficult and hinders efficiency and accuracy. Security also is a concern when gathering data from multiple access points, especially with firms handling sensitive, high-priority client information.

With tasks involving trust, verification and security, blockchain technology comes into play today. The blockchain model inherently  reduces security risks thanks to its distributed ledger technology.

Blockchain development company HashCash put forward a blockchain model proposition that will utilize decentralized data for precise demand forecasting, combining a crypto  platform with AI and ML technology. The scheduled prototype, initially available to a limited number of prospective clients, is geared toward the corporate sector.

Absorbing and understanding data across multiple categories, such as inventory and manufacturing, is a challenge for organizations using different ERP and CRM systems for each process. Blockchain will offer transaction visibility throughout the permissioned network while ensuring data integrity with immutability because, once entered into the blockchain, data cannot be altered or tampered with.

“Blockchain is the ideal solution for enterprises seeking an improvement in demand forecasting through comprehensive data integration across their supply chains,” said HashCash CEO Raj Chowdhury. “Incorporating the technology with advanced analytical tools safeguards proprietary data with optimum privacy.”

Blockchain integrates into any system infrastructure. When leveraged, it optimizes business processes. Enterprises will then utilize the distributed ledger technology for informed decision-making.

“In this era of excess information, identifying the right ones is crucial for success,” said Chowdhury. “The inherent traits of blockchain are key to its versatility in the global marketplace.”

Edited by Erik Linask

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