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Authentic Vision Brings Holographic Fingerprint to US for 'Phygital' Future

August 31, 2022

QR codes and NFC chips are widely used to connect physical products with low-value digital assets. A common example is a menu QR code at a restaurant. The downside to QR codes is their security issues. They are also easily shared, copied or swapped out. NFC chips are also easily copied, and secure NFCs come with the disadvantages of increased costs and unintentional read-out.

During a time when the value of digital assets and exclusive experiences is increasing, the need for a secure connection rose up.

Authentic Vision, a mobile authentication technology company, released its Meta Anchor technology into the U.S. market. The technology secures the link between physical products and digital value, services and experiences. Unlike unsecure solutions such as a QR code, Authentic Vision's holographic fingerprint-based technology provides a tool to protect the increasingly valuable digital experiences and assets around physical products.

“The value of digital assets, services and experiences will exceed their physical counterparts but won't be able to exist without them,” said Thomas Weiss, CEO and founder of Authentic Vision. “Our technology will help businesses to easily achieve the future of physical and digital integration."

The Meta Anchor technology pairs the physical object with its digital twin and scans the holographic fingerprint with a smartphone to unlock digital actions or assets and provide real-time data and analytics.

Use cases for this include connecting a physical collectible with its digital representation, redeeming media content and gaming items, banking transactions,  accessing virtual assets or virtual moments and accessing audio or e-books through its paper version.

With Authentic Vision, if a bad actor tries to remove the labels from an item or packaging, the label becomes voided and loses the necessary features needed for a successful scan. This destruction mechanism prevents the fingerprints from being shared or swapped out.

"As the world moves toward creating so-called 'phygital' experiences, there needs to be a highly secure, robust, unique and extremely cost-effective solution that solidifies the connection between the physical and the digital," said Michael Radic, Authentic Vision's chief business officer.

The Meta Anchor Technology is different from more common solutions. It is produced once. It cannot be copied or sent as a digital photo. Only a scan of the real physical tag will unlock a digital value.

Edited by Erik Linask

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