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MetaBlaze Character NFTs Offer Passive Income

March 23, 2022

Blockchain is well-known for its impact on the financial sector, but the technology is also revolutionizing the video game industry as well. Thanks to the rising popularity of crypto and NFTs, developers are creating new games on blockchain networks, allowing gamers to trade digital assets, participate in exclusive activities, and earn rewards for playing.

MetaBlaze, a utility token developer, is attempting to become a unique player in the blockchain gaming space. The company recently announced the MetaRoyal NFT collection, which allows users to purchase characters NFT that produce passive income on exchanges, as well as lifetime access to MetaBlaze’s upcoming gaming Metaverse. Those who purchase one of the 200 limited edition NFTs will be awarded a 10% royalty on secondary sales.

The MetaRoyal NFTs are character models of mythical creatures of MetaBlaze’s in-game universe. Each NFT was designed and painted by hand, then digitally rendered to create a more realistic look. These NFTs will only be available for purchase for a limited time, but a new collection, MetaGoblins NFTs, will soon launch in the near future.

Although in-game purchases have been a part of online gaming for some time now, the ability to own individual digital characters could be a creative selling point for blockchain-based games. Unlike NFT artwork, characters can actually be used for competitive purposes, and may become more valuable as the MetaBlaze gaming community grows. This could be a lucrative financial opportunity for early NFT investors, allowing royalties to grow over time as gamers bid higher for ownership over exclusive characters.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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