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Stardust, Tilting Point Partner to Enable Immersive Blockchain Gaming in the Metaverse

March 17, 2022

The gaming industry tends to react quickly to new technology trends.  The reason is simple: gamers are willing to pay for better, faster, more exciting, more immersive experiences.  They have always been quick to buy the latest systems and games.  Today, they are often first in line for the latest mobile devices for better gaming experiences.  Of course, there are plenty who don’t have a need for the latest and greatest, or who refuse to make in-game purchases, but the more engaging the gaming experience is, the more likely even those players are to start spending. 

In today’s new mobile world, in particular, the opportunity to maximize engagement value is increased, since players – whether occasional users or hardcore loyalists – are able to play anywhere, any time.  Now, powered by the cloud, the latest high-end mobile devices, 5G, and latest buzzwords – the metaverse and blockchain – game developers are in a race to create more immersive experiences than ever to maximize each player experience.  Regardless of what metrics they are measuring -- installs, in-game purchases, conversions, ad engagement, etc. – the more immersive the experience, the better the results.

To that end, Stardust, which enables developers to integrate NFTs into their games, has partnered with free-to-play publisher Tilting Point.  Tilting Point has a history of scaling games through a variety of strategies, including UA funding and management, app store optimization (ASO), ad monetization, platform deployment, and more.  Stardust powers the gaming metaverse by enabling developers to add NFTs to their games with only three lines of code.

“Together, Stardust and Tilting Point are paving the way for indie developers to quickly and easily bring play to earn and blockchain games to mobile players worldwide while leveraging next-generation, AI-driven marketing for branding and monetization.”

Stardust’s technology infrastructure and blockchain agnostic approach to in-game NFTs and immersive experiences can help bring new levels of success to the developer community.  With Tilting Point’s progressive publishing strategy and proven data-driven approach to player acquisition and in-game marketing, the partnership can redefine immersive gaming.  The vision is to ultimately create an interconnected, blockchain-enabled gaming metaverse, where, as the Stardust hopes, players can “use their swords within multiple games, trade Runescape gold on the stock market, and post their latest quest to Facebook.” 

It all starts with Stardust’s developer-friendly platform for building metaverse games, and Tilting Point’s expertise in app store optimization, marketing creative and UA management.

“The metaverse provides even more opportunities for our developers’ growth, and we have big plans to help them take advantage in myriad ways,” said Samir Agili, President, Tilting Point Co-CEO.  “This new partnership will enable us to be the bridge from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 for our indie developer partners, as well as easily bring new metaverse-ready games to mobile players worldwide.

Edited by Erik Linask

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