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KryptoGo Reports Successful Lucky Bag NFT Campaign

March 10, 2022

The adoption of NFTs among major sports brands, clothing lines, and food companies is enough evidence to conclude the concept is here to stay. However,  lingering criticisms about the practical value of digital assets continue to linger. Because NFT’s are digital properties, many believe they provide no true value in the physical world; however, not every company is taking the same approach.

Recently, DeFi wallet company KryptoGO and NFT community Demiverse partnered to launch the first-ever redeemable Lucky Bag NFT campaign, offering participants a random assortment of real-world prizes redeemable through NFT trading and QR scanning.

As part of this campaign, exactly 6,666 Lucky Bag NFTs were released over four days, with the support of 50 major vendors. Roughly 20,000 random prizes were offered, such as hotel vouchers, michelin-star restaurant gift cards, and Ipads. As an added bonus, participants benefited from free minting and gas fees to redeem their prizes.

One participant commented, "So glad to grab one Lucky Bag NFT without suffering from paying a high gas fee. It's my first NFT ever and I'll keep it as a souvenir,"

The campaign turned out to be an outstanding promotional opportunity for KrytoGo Wallet, as well as crypto in a broad sense, with app downloads increasing seven times during the four day period. The download increase also helped KryptoGo pass in the app store, a notable feat in this highly competitive space.

 "We want to lower barriers to entry so that newbies can easily participate and experience the mint process. The more newcomers join, the quicker Web3 can be adopted," added KryptoGO representatives.

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Edited by Maurice Nagle

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