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AnonSurvey E-Voting App Arrives

February 18, 2022

It’s pretty common in the digital age for businesses and marketing firms to release online surveys to gain insights from customers. Whether through social media, email, or even text campaigns, questions are submitted to audiences in bulk to directly receive opinions and criticisms for products, services, or experiences. However, organizations forming these surveys have difficulty determining if responders are legitimate people.

Advancements in blockchain technology make it possible for organizations to conduct votes and surveys with authenticated participants. According to a recent article by Coingeek, online questionnaire company AnonSurvey recently announced the availability of a new blockchain e-voting application. AnonSurvey customers can now utilize this app to create secure surveys with tokenized responses. Users can offer selected participants unique tokens to take part in the survey in order to confirm only vetted individuals are offering responses. Votes are recorded on the blockchain, allowing survey creators to view answers at any time.

Although online surveying tech is not new, survey campaigns can be somewhat of a gamble if the appropriate participants do not receive the rquest. By providing tokens to voters, organizations can be absolutely certain responses are from actual people, and are offering honest opinions on the selected topic.

The Coingeek article also points out this approach to voting could possibly be used for government elections in the future. It will probably take a long time for governments (and citizens) to jump on board with blockchain-based voting, but could potentially offer a more secure alternative compared to physical ballots. If this method picks up traction in the corporate world, the public and elected officials may be more willing to implement it for voting on more serious matters.

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Edited by Maurice Nagle

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