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Blockchain Weddings: Who Says Romance is Dead?

February 10, 2022

In the era of COVID-19, virtual ceremonies are becoming more of a reality. Whether it’s virtual visiting hours for funerals, or virtual baby showers and engagement parties, more of us have digitally “checked in” to social engagements.

What’s the next step? Blockchain-based weddings.

In April of last year, two Coinbase employees tied the knot using NFTs by incorporating them into their wedding, exchanging the digital tokens as part of the ceremony. Rebecca Rose and Peter Kacherginsky noted that alongside their traditional Jewish ceremony, they also sent each other digital tokens as “virtual rings” to represent their union. In a Twitter thread describing the wedding, Rose said their virtual rings now exist on the blockchain “for all to see as proof of our commitment to each other,” according to The Verge.

In Pune, India, Shruti Nair and Anil Narasipuram became the first couple in their country to hold a Blockchain wedding, tying the knot courtesy of the OpenSea platform.

According to India’s TimesNow news site, the couple had a court marriage in November, but then shared a more celebratory wedding with family and friends via Google Meet. The ceremony was presided over by a “digital priest,” and the couple took their wedding vows via blockchain technology while seated in front of their computers.

The groom shared more details about the ceremony on his Twitter account, Anil [email protected]

“We started the ceremony as soon as we got back from the Registrar's Office in Pune. To prepare for the ceremony, both my wife and I set up @MetaMask wallets and our digital priest @anoop_V1 minted the NFT on @opensea and transferred it to me.”

The bride and groom read their vows to one another, and after receiving the blessings of the “digital priest,” Narasipuram confirmed the transaction to transfer the NFT to his wife's digital wallet. The transaction took a few minutes (and about $35 in ETH gas fees), said the groom, after which the couple were pronounced husband and wife by @anoop_V1.

 "By the power vested in me by ethereum..."

Who says romance is dead?

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