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Consensus Cloud Unveils Blockchain-Backed E-Signature Solution

December 06, 2021

Healthcare facilities across the globe are adapting to the rise in remote activity, and many standard procedures, such as document signing, are being digitally processed to improve productivity and offer customers convenient service. However, the surge in cybercrime over the last two years is generating concerns from healthcare leaders who are skeptical about the security of confidential documents shared online.

To make online document signing more secure in the post-pandemic age, digital document transmission solution company Consensus Cloud Solutions recently launched jSign, a blockchain-supported solution designed to enable HIPPA compliant, tamper proof signature requests.

“The use of blockchain to address key e-signature components, such as audit-trails, and non-repudiation is an important innovation that will benefit our customers from multiple industries that require a secure, easy-to-use, e-signature product at an affordable price, ” said John Nebergall, Consensus Cloud Solutions’ Chief Operating Officer. “We are excited to add jSign to our growing suite of information exchange solutions for businesses of all sizes.”

The jSign solution enables healthcare professionals to embed e-signatures into workflows through APIs, while also allowing users to safely store digital documents in cloud-supported data repositories. Because this solution is backed by blockchain technology, users can easily access the location data of any document sent, such as the receiver's IP address and signing location. For increased security, users can also add two-factor authentication to confirm the identity of signers.

Although online signing software has existed for some time now, consumers and business leaders alike are beginning to realize heightened security measures are mandatory to send business documents across the web with full confidence.  With jSign, users will have the peace of mind knowing their shared documents are totally encrypted on both ends, preventing hackers from sinking their teeth into valuable information.

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Edited by Luke Bellos

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