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IPC Launches Connexus Crypto Solution

November 09, 2021

According to a recent report by Crowdfund Insider, communications and cloud solutions developer IPC has announced the launch of Connexus Crypto, a new solution designed to help crypto investors engage in complex trades across global markets.

Sources with IPC claim Connexus Crypto is defined as an “arbitrage accelerating solution”, which offers investors the ability to buy and sell cryptocurrencies at the same time. Utilizing IPC’s Connexus Cloud, users can take advantage of time-sensitive investment opportunities, such as price fluctuations, thanks to the low-latency nature of the platform.

“Cryptocurrency trading is growing exponentially, and institutional investors seeking alpha are increasingly prioritizing crypto trading.” commented Joseph Pickel, VP of Product Strategy at IPC. “Cryptocurrency markets are vital to portfolio diversification and are consequently critical for investment strategies.”

Investors who take advantage of this solution will also benefit from higher service reliability, inter-exchange connectivity, and instant liquidity of crypto assets. Executives at IPC believe this solution could be a game changer for crypto enthusiasts engaging in complex trading, offering a significant advantage for capitalizing on rare market opportunities.

“Today’s announcement emphasizes IPC’s steadfast commitment to enabling market participants to trade successfully in the global cryptocurrency markets with innovative solutions.”Pickel added, “In particular, we have observed that cryptocurrency arbitrage can be an effective tool for investors seeking low-risk yields.”

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