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AntGroup Blockchain Solution Supports Confidential Computing

October 29, 2021

According to a new report from Ledger Insights, Chinese digital payment platform provider Ant Group recently announced its enterprise blockchain solution, AntChain, now supports confidential computing for private business practices.

The monumental rise in cybercrime and malicious programming has the business world on edge. As ransomware and network hacks continue to surge in response to pandemic-related work shifts, executives are becoming highly cautious about protecting company data from being compromised. Confidential computing has become a way to avoid this predicament, by allowing critical data to be stored in an isolated, but accessible, environment to avoid external threats.

AntChain aims to make this process even more secure by allowing customers to incorporate its FAIR solution into confidential computing networks, which would also permit members of that chain to have access to the data source.

“Data privacy protection is becoming an underlying requirement in the industry. AntChain believes that privacy-preserving computation (PPC) should be a native capability for blockchain networks,” said Yan Ying, technical director of AntChain. “The FAIR platform deeply integrates blockchain and PPC to further expand the capability of blockchain networks, allowing each node in a blockchain network to act as a node for privacy-preserving computing.”

In addition to this announcement, AntGroup also revealed it has developed its own blockchain power computer chip, T1, which will help users create a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) for their network.

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