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Electronic Arts Raises Eyebrows with New Blockchain-Related Job Posts

August 31, 2021

Video Game developer Electronic Arts has reportedly posted a number of new job posts related to blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) over the last month, prompting industry experts to speculate as to what the company could be strategizing.

The overall potential of blockchain, as well as the recent surge in cryptocurrency usage and value, has made the technology a huge topic of discussion across virtually every aspect of business. Even though Blockchain is mostly known for its applications in finance and cybersecurity, it is beginning to make way into less expected areas, including video games and entertainment. This has been most evident with the introduction of  NFTS, which allows customers to retain ownership of digital properties such as artwork or rare collectables.

EA is not the first videogame developer to jump on the blockchain train, but is certainly notable as the company is one of the most profitable developers in the industry. Not only that, EA maintains a huge number of licenses for sports related games, which has many experts considering the recent job postings could be related to sports merchandising. According to reports, the recent jobs listed on EA’s website include multiple roles for senior director and software development, many of which have responsibilities focused leveraging blockchain and NFTs.

Although it is still unclear as to what EA intends to do with both blockchain and NFTs, it marks an important step in the legitimacy of both technologies within the realm of global business. The company supports a massive global fan base for a number of notable gaming properties, so it might be safe to speculate that the company could be working on a marketplace for gaming and sports related content. At the very least, the fact that EA shows interest in utilizing blockchain demonstrates how useful the technology could be in the coming years.

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