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Kahuna Blockchain-Based Social Media Ecosystem Goes Live in October

August 09, 2021

Blockchain has been a monumental asset to the finance industry in recent years, but is proving to be incredibly useful for a number of different tech applications. Social media appears to be the next frontier for incorporating the technology into the mix.

This October, a new social  media ecosystem is set to release which will allow users to interact with celebrities and content creators through a RubiX blockchain-based, decentralized platform. Called Kahuna, the platform will be the first of its kind, offering digital creators a new way to independently control and monetize their content.

The platform intends to separate itself from well known social media sites that tend to take advantage of the very people that make the site so enjoyable.

“Unlike centralized mainstream social media platforms, the Kahuna ecosystem is built to protect the intellectual property of creators and solves the present-day issues surrounding user privacy, content censorship and the exploitation of intellectual property on social media,” said Olli Mäenpää, Managing Director of Kahuna. “With Kahuna, our users govern the rules and manage the content, which puts the power, and profit, back in the hands of those who create it.”

Kahuna will have much of the same communication features that are commonly found with other platforms, allowing users to directly engage and interact  with their favorite celebrities. Vetted content creators  of the platform will also be able to create their own “Celebrity Coin” for monetizing NFTs, merchandise, and access to virtual events.

Readers can visit the company’s official website to learn more about the features and capabilities of the Kahuna ecosystem.

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