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DHS Research Arm Expands Call for Blockchain Technology

July 01, 2020

Blockchain and distributed ledgers are innovative security technologies that have many uses and applications across multiple sectors of the economy, including homeland security. Blockchain technology has the potential to provide enhanced transparency and auditing of public service operations, greater supply chain visibility to combat the distribution of counterfeit products, and automation of paper-based processes to improve delivery of services to organizations and citizens. Applications might include establishing the authenticity and integrity of videos and photos from cameras; sensors and Internet of Things devices; enhancing and facilitating international trade and customs processes; facilitating and securing passenger processing; and mitigating forgery and counterfeiting of official licenses and certificates.

Now, the Department of Homeland Security’s research arm has announced that it plans to expand its current testing of blockchain technology to prevent forgery and counterfeiting of certificates and licenses. In 2018, the agency issued a five-year Science and Technology Directorate other transaction solicitation (OTS) through its Silicon Valley Innovation Program for proposals from blockchain startups. It has now identified five additional uses to the OTS.

To enable DHS components to issue and verify identifiers and credentials, this solicitation is seeking start-up companies with solutions that use global, interoperable standards for decentralized identifiers and resilient registries. The overall goal is to enhance security while employing privacy respecting mechanisms that implement standards-based, multi-platform interoperability, according to the agency.

“After Phase 1 awards on the first release of this call, DHS operational components provided additional scenarios where these technologies could be used to enhance their operations,” said Melissa Oh, managing director of SVIP, in a statement. “This second release underscores the tremendous benefit of the department’s strategic investments in new commercial technologies — for both DHS and innovation communities.”

The deadline for applying is July 10, 2020.  To be considered for this award, companies should complete the application, save it as a PDF, and send it via email to [email protected] prior to the close date.

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