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Using Neuroscientific Technology for Improving Human Performance, VitalNeuro launches ICO

August 27, 2018

Work is hard these days, particularly given the distractions of everything from mass media to social media. Combined with the upheaval of traditional industries given disruptive technologies that are upending the valuation of companies like Uber and AirBnB (worth more than big brand rental car and hotel companies), workers are increasingly drawn to what they perceive to be less stressful start-ups.

Millennials are hard for enterprises to attract, especially those graduating from the finest universities in the world, who are avoiding traditional careers like banking, private equity, accounting, legal and other big corporate jobs to take a risk and join start-ups, including in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

“Certain industries are so stress filled that the work environment has catapulted turnover to historical record levels,” according to a white paper published last week by one of the most fascinating companies we’ve seen rolling out an ICO.

“Further, daily distractions hinder career related focus and success. This lack of sustained focus and elevated stress stifles productivity, career advancement, and lowers profitability.”

Vital Neuro is a young company whose brain, mind and mood enhancing technology – combining creative, enjoyable, neuroscience-based stress reduction sessions built on real time monitoring of bio signals.

Their physical product (a beautifully designed and engineered headset measuring brain activity) and digital services (a science-based platform based on a combined fifty-plus years of research and real-world in-person brain training sessions) is being referred to as “stress reduction as a service.”

Given to team members as a health and wellness benefit, Vital Neuro is rolling out an enjoyable, neuroscience-based stress reduction sessions built on real time monitoring of personal biosignals. The results... improved job satisfaction, higher productivity, lower employee turnover, and increased EBITDA.”

This advanced brain training paradigm is an innovative blend of neurofeedback, scientifically designed sound music, and other neuro modulation techniques, that are based on brain plasticity; the brain’s ability to change. Vital Neuro’s groundbreaking solution is delivered through stylish, wireless, high fidelity headphones and an app that tie to Vital’s Leonardo smart cloud platform.

“By measuring the real time biosignals of the brain, a calming audio and/or audio & video experience is delivered in response to reduce the subscriber’s stress levels,” said Dr. Kamran Fallaphour, Chief Scientific Officer. “Vital Neuro’s solution takes real time physiological data to assess and assign the precise audio and video content needed to deliver a quantifiable stress management solution to a growing subscriber base.”

While focusing their sales and distribution efforts on enterprises with a very large number of employees, Vital Neuro aims to help enterprise reduce workplace stress by “bringing employees back to a state of equilibrium, thus achieving balance within the workplace.”

Here’s How It Works
Vital Neuro has pioneered what they call “the authoritative, science-based, personal, stress-relief mobile cloud-based service.” In the white paper associated with the ICO, they say, “We have already built what we believe to be the world’s largest sound and music database targeted at neuromodulation. The large amount of EEG data we expect to collect will be driven by increasing the number of companies and their subscribers’ use of our model, and the success of our subscription service will be driven by their frequent use of our service, helping our machine learning engine and algorithms to better assess and dynamically react to the numerous daily occurrences contributing to and/or causing stress.”

The company, whose founders’ track records of neuroscience and technology success is rather remarkable, envisions a future where, “as subscribers grow, our smart cloud will continuously learn to be more accurate in predicting the ideals sounds to stream with music and images for each subscriber, helping them relax and reduce their stress. As our system learns and improves, we believe Vital’s Leonardo smart cloud will attract more companies and users, creating a cycle that leverages our database’s network effect. The Vital SaaS solution uses, and subscription revenue stream is multi- faceted and seeks to roll out numerous applications after stress relief.”

While this may sound like science fiction to some, this process and content has proven to work as evidenced by the success of the Brain Resource Center in New York City, operating for decades and serving elite athletes, artists, Wall Street traders and others whose livelihood can be enhanced through great concentration and mind focus, as well as through centering, stillness and rest – without having to use pharmaceuticals.

Similar companies who provide relaxation and meditation mobile experiences, like Calm, and brain training exercises on mobile apps, like Luminosity, have attracted tens of millions of subscribers and driven massive valuations.

“What makes Vital different is that we integrate deep, machine learning into the process with our headset, measuring the impact of the content the app delivers,” Saeed said. “Which sounds, songs, image impact which brainwaves? We correlate that for the end-user so he or she can adapt their relationship with Vital, and select the experiences that reduce stress, improve focus, and enhance how they are feeling and moving through each day.”

Based on their proprietary, copyrighted audio and machine learning engine, Vital Neuro uses scientific methods to help measure and relieve stress, training the brain to improve and remain at lower levels of stress with 15 minutes of daily use.

They currently have letters of intent pending with Fortune 500 companies to implement a sales model that they claim will scale quickly.

Speaking of stress, Vital Neuro chose to run their ICO with StartEngine, a highly regarded company supporting investments through cryptocurrency offerings. StartEngine is a crowd-sourcing platform enabling entrepreneurs like Vital Neuro to finance the business while building it, and not incurring high costs of traditional capital.

StartEngine’s ICO service was designed to help founders raise through digital currency, including coins as securities which the US SEC requires are registered.

StartEngine’s portfolio companies launch for free, with a 6% commission when the companies raise money. Their platform includes marketing tools and more; they claim that “In just a few years, more than 150 companies have raised nearly $60M on StartEngine.”

Working with StartEngine, Vital Neuro created Neuro Token, Inc., a derivative of the parent company Vital Neuro, Inc., which will use the new cryptocurrency element as part of its overall company portfolio.

Neuros Token states in their white paper they understand that “regulation in the crypto-world is inevitable and we are working to develop a scalable company and cryptocurrency offering added investor value and incentives while being fully compliant with applicable legal and regulatory requirements.”

The launch of Vital Neuro’s own offering of tokens (through a Simple Agreement for Future Equity or SAFE) is intended to capitalize on the growth trend in cryptocurrencies and blockchain, while “maintaining the mantra of building a world class innovative health technology company.”

The goal of the Neuros Token offering is to raise capital to support Vital Neuro’s main business, which includes the future development of Neuros Token, and allows Token Holders to not only participate in the potential upside of this booming crypto/blockchain trend, but also allows them to be involved directly in such growth.

Each Token corresponds to an equal value of Vital Neuro, Inc.’s equity, pro-rata, totaling 20% of the entire Company.

Their Launch Pre-ICO Offering Stage 1 offers Equity Benefits including a 70% discount at $1.50 per Token, with a $5,000 minimum investment.

The company anticipates closing in mid-September of this year, with the Pre-ICO Stage 2 offering at a 60% discount.

Stage three will launch in mid-October of this year with a $2,500 minimum investment at $5.00 per Token anticipated to close at the end of the year.

All in, the company says the Neuros Token may, at its sole discretion, raise up to $50,000,000 with this offering.

The whitepaper can be downloaded here.

More information on the company’s website here.

Edited by Ken Briodagh



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