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TMCNet:  London Blockchain Conference: Day 1 Highlights

[May 21, 2024]

London Blockchain Conference: Day 1 Highlights

As the inaugural London conference commenced today, attendees heard from industry experts who shed light on Revenue Generation with Blockchain

LONDON, May 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Attendees at the London Blockchain Conference experienced an enlightening first day, kickstarting with informative and thought-provoking speakers, discussing a wide range of topics involving Digital Currency and government policy, trust economy, carbon offset derivatives using blockchain and smart contracts. 

Day 1 of the conference focused on 'Rev-gen with Blockchain'. The agenda was filled with engaging sessions and discussions that delved into various topics like the Evolution of Web 3 and its impact on the Finance Sector. Attendees also had the opportunity to explore the transformative potential of blockchain technology in areas such as data integrity, accountability, and trust for customers and users. Other notable sessions shed light on the revolutionary role of blockchain in combating counterfeit goods, stable coins, and the Future of Blockchain tokens. 

Throughout the day attendees heard from distinguished speakers who brought their expertise to the forefront.

Blockchain 101 session by Connor Murray, Director of Stewardship at BSV Association who opened the conference by explaining how blockchain technology introduces a new way of interacting with applications and services that have become integral to our digitally connected world.

The keynote speaker for Day 1 was Scott Galloway, Professor of Marketing at NYU Stern School of Business /Entrepreneur who shared his predictions on future trends, analysing the economy, Web3 ecosystem and AI's transformative potential. He highlighted the products and trends that are receiving too much vs too little attention and investment.

Cybersecurity Future: Blockchain's Role in Enhanced Security – a panel moerated by John Velossariis, Founder & Director, Otranto Limited, with speakers Joseph Kearney, Research Associate, University of Kent / Block Sphere, and Robert Huber, Tech Lead, Veridat, where they discussed blockchain's impact on cybersecurity, including decentralised identity management, supply chain security, smart contracts, and DDoS attack defences.

How Teranode delivers blockchain scaling for Enterprise use - Siggi Oskarsson, Director of Teranode at BSV Blockchain, Jordan Kramsky, Solutions Architect at AWS and Behrad Babaee, Principal Architect at Aerospike discussed the pivotal role of Teranode in driving enterprise-level adoption of the BSV blockchain and is poised to revolutionise the blockchain landscape and unlock new possibilities for businesses worldwide.

Owen Vaughan, Chief Scientist Officer at nChain in his session titled, 'What if your blockchain is different to mine?', explained the role of Web3 and Blockchain and building a decentralised online ecosystem. He also presented nChain's Universal Blockchain Assets (UBA) Wallet for interoperable blockchain tokens across other chains.

Tokenisation and the Wine Industry – Steven Bacci, Principal Worldwide Specialist Solutions Architect, AWS and David Garrett, Managing Partner, dVIN discussed how blockchain enhances transparency, and security, offers anti-fraud solutions, and supply chain efficiency and fosters a global community of wine lovers and producers. They also highlighted how dVIN leverages AWS-managed blockchain for innovation and market acceleration.

Solving Blockchain's Interoperability Challenges – Moderated by Becky Liggero, Reporter, Producer and Host at Coingeek, the panellists Irina Benfrid, B2B Partnerships Lead, Rubic Finance, Clem Chambers, CEO, Online Blockchain, Evelyn Nomaya, PhD Researcher, Trinity College and Ty Everett, Founding President, Project Babbage, focused on solving blockchain's interoperability challenges and how addressing these interoperability issues is paramount for unleashing the full potential of blockchain technology.  

Establishing Trust in AI: Blockchain - Scott Zoldi, Chief Analytics Officer at FICO, highlighted the critical role of blockchain in enforcing and proving Responsible AI practices. He stressed that the responsible use of AI is vital to society and must go beyond just pledges and ethics committees to ensure genuine accountability.

Please register here if you would like to attend or listen to any of the sessions today. 

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At the London Blockchain Conference, we show how Blockchain will change the world and help people see another way to manage data, build scalable on-chain solutions and achieve great things. We do this by creating valuable, insightful, and engaging events that educate and inform, allowing you to connect and network to build strong business relationships. Our conference is the best avenue to see blockchain innovations, ecosystem announcements, product launches, technology updates, keynote speeches, panels, and fireside chats from blockchain leaders. Join us and experience it for yourself. 

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