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TMCNet:  Elements Partners with XYPN to Empower Independent Financial Advisors

[April 02, 2024]

Elements Partners with XYPN to Empower Independent Financial Advisors

Elements, a financial vitals system that helps financial advisors serve clients faster, today announced its strategic partnership with XY Planning Network (XYPN), the only turnkey advice and planning platform that makes it possible for fee-only financial advisors to build the independent firm of their dreams with complete autonomy. This partnership is set to enhance the capabilities of more than 1,800 independent financial planners supported by XYPN, providing them with cost-effective access to the Elements platform. These XYPN members will subsequently be poised to accelerate the growth of their practices, offering clients an impressive and accessible experience early in the planning relationship.

The partnership between XYPN and Elements introduces a strategic advantage for financial advisors, giving them exclusive access to premier financial diagnostics software at substantially discounted rates. Designed to accommodate advisors at various stages of their careers, the partnership offers a tiered pricing structure that ranges from completely free access for those just starting out to significant discounts for growing and established practices. This approach ensures that advisors can leverage Elements' top-tier technology to enhance their services, regardless of the size of their client base. Additionally, XYPN's advisors will exclusively benefit from flexible month-to-month contracts, enabling them to adapt their expenses to the evolving needs of their practice.

"Doing financial planning for those in their 30s, 40s, and 50s, who are still working and may be decades away from retirement, is fundamentally different than the 'traditional' portfolio-centric focus of working with retirees and near-retirees. Advice conversations are less about how assets are invested, and more about whether the household has built and is maintaining healthy financial habits around their household cash flow and still-accumulating assets," said Michael Kitces, CFP®, co-founder of XYPN. "Our partnership with Elements will provide XYPN advisors with a new kind of financial monitoring tool, that supports these exact financial planning needs and is in strategic alignment with XYPN's mission to expand our members' ability to provide equitable and accessible finanial advice."

The XYPN-Elements partnership also enriches the advisor experience with a comprehensive training program available to all XYPN members. This exclusive training series, led by industry experts and Elements' brand ambassadors Carl Richards and Reese Harper, among others, is designed to help advisors enhance their client service and practice growth through live and on-demand training and facilitated mastermind sessions. In addition, the partnership is designed to include in-depth support from leading CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™, a detailed introduction course to the software, and discounted or free in-person workshops. These benefits are designed to improve the advisors' operational efficiency while fostering a community of continuous learning and professional development.

"We're excited to team up with XYPN, a like-minded organization that shares many of our core values," said Reese Harper, CFP, chief executive officer at Elements. "Our goal at Elements is to ensure that quality financial advice is within reach for everyone who needs it. This partnership will empower XYPN's advisors to serve an expanded client base without losing sight of the personalized engagement that's key to impactful advice. We're on a shared journey to make financial planning more intuitive, accessible and impactful for everyone involved."

Elements revolutionizes the way advisors serve clients by standardizing and simplifying the measurement, benchmarking and monitoring of financial health. Its innovative Financial Vitals System streamlines client data collection, meeting preparation and marketing content creation, empowering advisors to assist more clients in making smart financial decisions. The firm's partnership with XYPN will help more than 1,800 advisors enhance their services while reducing preparation time for client interactions.

"At XYPN, it's incredibly important for us to be nimble in evolving the technology we offer to members and responding to member requests," added David Bowman, CFP®, director of partnerships at XYPN. "Elements checks all of the boxes as a paradigm-shifting tool our members are really excited about. It helps advisors create value earlier in the prospective client relationship, supporting practice growth, and then amplifies their ability to deliver responsive financial planning to more people at scale. It's a perfect complement to more dedicated, in-depth financial planning tools like RightCapital and fills a gap in the client journey no one else has been able to address quite as effectively."

This partnership marks another important milestone in Elements' efforts to empower advisors and extend quality financial advice to a broader audience. Advisors keen to discover more about the partnership can get the details by visiting Those interested in accessing the partnership program can learn more about XYPN membership by visiting

About Elements

Elements is financial vitals software revolutionizing the way financial advisors serve clients by standardizing and simplifying how financial health is measured, benchmarked, and monitored. Our innovative system streamlines client data collection, prep for client interactions, and marketing content creation, which empowers advisors to help more clients make smart financial decisions - in way less time. Elements' 8-minute onboarding makes time-intensive data gathering and updating a thing of the past.

Elements' Vitals provides a common, financial language that makes it easy for advisors to help clients understand their money. Advisors can utilize Elements' Vitals to quickly assess their clients' financial health without the need for deep-dive projections and analysis. For more, visit

About XYPN

XYPN makes it possible for fee-for-service financial advisors to build the independent firm of their dreams with complete autonomy. They are the only turnkey advice and planning platform to provide end-to-end support through curated technology, compliance services, community networking, ongoing advocacy, access to education and training, and back-office and client support services.

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