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TMCNet:  SeaSeed by D3 Labs Takes Center Stage at XRPL Demo Day, Paving the Way for Global Blockchain Payment Solutions

[November 16, 2023]

SeaSeed by D3 Labs Takes Center Stage at XRPL Demo Day, Paving the Way for Global Blockchain Payment Solutions

SINGAPORE, Nov. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- D3 Labs, a provider of blockchain solutions for enterprises, showcased its new blockchain payment solution at the XRPL Demo Day held in Singapore on November 14, 2023. D3 Lab's core solution, named Seaseed is a blockchain-based multi-asset class management platform designed to improve payment efficiency, reduce costs, and increase transparency.

In this demo, D3 Labs showed how Seaseed can facilitate domestic and cross-border payments. The solution uses a private, permissioned XRPL sidechain to provide enterprises with the security and controls required. Seaseed also supports interoperability with public blockchains, allowing enterprises to connect it easily with other ecosystems.

The XRPL Demo Day is a rare opportunity to witness the innovation of D3 Labs. The event featured a live demonstration of Seaseed which operates on the first XRPL sidechain compatible with Ethereum-based blockchains — The demonstration aimed to highlight the flexibility and scalability of blockchain technology in the enterprise environment.

"We are very excited to showcase Seaseed at the XRPL Demo Day," said Chung Ying Lai, Co-Founder of D3 Labs. "Seaseed is an innovative blockchain payment solution that can help enterprises improve their payment efficiency and effectiveness."

Seaseed offers a variety of features and benefits for enterprises, including:

  • Higher efficiency: Seaseed can help enterprises accelerate payment settlement times, reduce costs, and increase the visibility of payment data.
  • Higher security: Seaseed uses blockchain technology to provide higher security and transparency than traditional payment solutions.
  • Better interoperability: Seaseed supports interoperability with public blockchains, allowing enterprises to connect it to other ecosystems.

D3 Labs plans to continue developing Seaseed to meet the specific needs of enterprises. The company also plans to expand its partnerships with other companies worldwide.

D3 Labs has demonstrated its commitment to shaping the regulatory environment in an industry where regulatory compliance is becomin increasingly important. Its collaboration with the Indonesian Blockchain Association to provide feedback to regulatory bodies, such as Bank Indonesia underscores its dedication to regulatory compliance and the broader blockchain ecosystem.

D3 Labs envisions expanding beyond private blockchains, emphasizing the importance of interoperability. They plan to bridge assets to public blockchains as enterprises grow more comfortable with blockchain adoption. This interoperability enables smooth cross-blockchain transactions and seamlessly connects various enterprise ecosystems.

D3 Labs Partners with Paybit Tech

D3 Labs also partnered with Paybit Tech, a leading cross-border payment solutions provider. The partnership will allow D3 Labs to offer integrated blockchain payment solutions to enterprises and ecosystems worldwide.

Under the partnership, D3 Labs will provide its Seaseed platform, while Paybit Tech will provide payment infrastructure and user experience. The combined solution will allow enterprises to make domestic and cross-border payments more efficiently, securely, and transparently.

"D3 Labs remains dedicated to delivering efficient and regulatory-compliant innovations. Our partnership with PaybitTech marks a significant stride in offering our clients advanced payment solutions. We aim to introduce blockchain technology to enterprises safely and reliably," stated CY.

The partnership is a significant step for D3 Labs in achieving its mission to become a leading provider of enterprise blockchain solutions. The partnership also represents D3 Labs' commitment to advancing blockchain adoption worldwide.

"At PaybitTech, we are focused on improving efficiency in the cross-border and remittance sector. Our collaboration with D3 Labs brings blockchain technology to traditional payment infrastructure and creates new opportunities for near-instant settlement in cross-border remittance," said Daniel GOH, CTO of PaybitTech

D3 Labs and PaybitTech's partnership aims to revolutionize the enterprise blockchain field. By demonstrating a private, permissioned XRPL sidechain and an innovative payment solution, they plan to attract web2 clients and establish themselves as pioneers in the blockchain industry. D3 Labs and PaybitTech are redefining its core principles, not merely changing the game. This dynamic development, poised to impact fintech and blockchain innovation, warrants close attention.

D3 Labs, having showcased Seaseed at XRPL Demo Day, is experiencing substantial traction in Indonesia and the wider region, underscoring robust support for its visionary approach and execution capabilities. This momentum is poised to accelerate the development of Seaseed, solidifying D3 Labs' position as a leading provider of enterprise blockchain solutions. In a noteworthy announcement, D3 Labs is gearing up for a new fundraising round, demonstrating the company's commitment to advancing its groundbreaking initiatives and further fueling excitement around its achievements. This strategic move underscores D3 Labs' continuous pursuit of innovation and excellence in the dynamic landscape of blockchain technology.

About D3 Labs
D3 Labs revolutionizes cross-border financial operations with SeaSeed, an innovative and interoperable infrastructure solution that empowers Southeast Asia financial institutions to transact with enhanced efficiency, transparency, and connectivity.

For media inquiries and further information about D3 Labs, please contact:

Rina Kurniawan
Marketing and Communications Manager
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+62 812 2199 2200

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