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TMCNet:  Response to Government Policy, UD Offer Free NFT Creation Services for SMBs

[November 23, 2022]

Response to Government Policy, UD Offer Free NFT Creation Services for SMBs

HONG KONG, Nov. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The Hong Kong government issued the "Policy Statement on development of Virtual Assets in Hong Kong" at Fintech Week, which states to create more open and fair licensing system for virtual assets, more comprehensive licensing of virtual asset investments, more diversified investment categories, and an official stable currency - "e-HKD" - will be introduced to be used for payment purposes.

p>In response to the Hong Kong government's policy and to help traditional SMEs enter the Web3 era, UD will create a free NFT Christmas card series for eligible customers to send holiday greetings and connect with VIP customers and partners in a new way. UD hopes to help businesses move from Web2 to Web3 by providing hands-on education and professional technical support through the NFT Christmas Card Series.

By using innovative promotional methods to reach potential customers through a new channel, we can greatly increase the reach of our target customers and help companies build a leading and innovative corporate image. In addition, through NFT images, videos and even games, customers can directly experience the features of the products, increasing their desire to buy.

From series creation and minting to airdropping NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, UD provides a comprehensive planning and execution solution. UD offers a variety of value-added services, such as customizing Christmas card designs and providing technical support, etc. UD's one-stop NFT issuance service allows traditional enterprises and SMEs to follow the blockchain trend and expand their business without worrying about technology or cost.

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As a leading blockchain and security solutions provider in Hong Kong, our team of professional experts provides a diverse array of one-stop solutions and consulting services to help enterprises leverage blockchain, NFT, metaverse and cryptocurrency to accelerate business growth. We will guide you every step of the way in the transition journey from Web 2.0 to the new era of Web 3.0.

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