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TMCNet:  Manta Ray: The First Autonomous Electric Vehicle Charging Marketplace

[September 15, 2022]

Manta Ray: The First Autonomous Electric Vehicle Charging Marketplace

LONDON, Sept. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- It's estimated that in 2022, 3 million electric vehicle charging stations will be installed, and by 2030, over 30 million will be in place.

With this huge growth comes a huge opportunity for those looking for green companies to invest in. Manta Ray has created an AirBnB-style marketplace for residential charging stations for electric cars where drivers connect with hosts and earn in-app rewards MREV tokens.

MREV Token

The MREV token is a new crypto coin by Manta Ray that will be used to fund the project. It will launch on September 19, 2022, on and is a DAO built on a blockchain.

As a DAO, there is no central owner, so MREV token holders have the ability to propose and vote on governance and features.

The token is created to have built-in deflationary action where each MREV transaction burns 1% of that transaction and reflects 1%. So as the EV market grows and Manta Ray members grow, more transactions will deflate the token naturally and increase its value to token holders.

The token also has an auto-generating liquidity pool in which the fees are deposited in a pool, and each trade automatically adds liquidity on DEX PancakeSwap, leading to an ever-increasing price floor of MREV.

"Blockchain technology gives Manta Ray the neutrality to integrate with many of the fragmented pblic networks as there is no central interest or owner of Manta Ray," said Mark Miller, Founder of Manta Ray. "By launching the MREV token, we're taking another massive step towards our vision of having a green environment and reshaping who the owners are in the global EV charging market."

How It Works

As EV sales increase with targets set by governments, the charging infrastructure needs to keep pace. At present and for the forecast for the next 5 years, 80% of total charge points (CP) are residential. Investors can profit from the high-growth EV market and Manta Ray enabling access to the majority of CPs.

"With a quick but highly secure sign-up process, users can take advantage of the app and create an income sharing their charging station," said Robert Szocs, CTO of Manta Ray. "With our MREV token reward system, further income and ownership are generated."

Hosts are able to share their residential charge point and, with Manta Ray, join a wider network covering public, fleet, and workplace EV charging networks, especially as Manta Ray is agnostic. Also, many governments have incentives for buying EVs and installing charge points.

"With tasks like referrals or reviews, you will exponentially grow the marketplace and be a shareholder for the Manta Ray. We want a future together with every one of the 65m EV drivers across Europe and beyond."

About Manta Ray

Manta Ray was founded in 2022 by Mark Miller, the prototype Dapp was born with a built-in MREV token. This token funds Manta Ray's mission to create an autonomous user-owned marketplace that connects EV drivers to EV charging point hosts. Manta Ray is an excellent opportunity for those looking for green tech companies to invest in and is excited to launch its first token on September 19, 2022.

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